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Good thing

One good thing about work, is that it seems to get me to publish a lot more posts.

It's like I'm paid... to BLOG!

Which is not to say,t hat i don't work extremely hard, because of course I do!

Wipe that snigger off your face this minute

Weekend Bliss

Or is it Blues?

I have a long hectic potentially jam packed weekend ahead of me. Nothing that I'm looking forward to very much in fact. Or am I?

I don't know. I've been virtually strapped into my seat for the last eight hours. Surviving on an orange. And because I know you won't tell anyone, a burger and fries from McDonald's, but before you judge me that was approximately four hours.

I've got a big night ahead of me too. A pseudo communion celebration for my cousin (don't ask!), a night out on the town celebration courtesy my friend's 21st birthday, a trip to college tomorrow to retrieve leaving certificate which I applied for sometime in May and since then have been too lazy to collect and transcripts. Another wedding I really don't want to go for in the evening, but which my Mum has coerced me into going for because I'm the youngest in the family. I'd much rather go play some volleyball and take out my frustrations by smashing the ball into …

Randomity- Part Deux

It is now exactly 4:55 pm. Another hour and five minutes until I'm officially supposed to leave work. And if I don't leave by 6, so help me God, I'm going to morph into uber bitch.

Because today is the day I start working out. Born of my inability to play any sport for more than a hour without wanting to keel over and die.

I'm also super hungry and having eaten ghaas-phoos, also known as vegetarian food all day, I'm craving one of those super soft spicy sausage rolls from one of my favourite bakeries in the world. Which I'm supposed to avoid, laced with calories and carbs as they are. And which is unfortunately right opposite the railway station and stares me in the face, ever time I go home.


What makes this worse, is I need to go to my friendly(NOT!!) neighbourhood library and return the 15,000 books I picked up a month back and which the old man there is going to rip me off on late fees all the while smiling his fake smile and chattering nonsensically. A…


I just came across this post on my blog a while back.

Is it just me or does the word 'Urges' sound ummmm... a bit perverted? And you know what makes it even more weird, the post before it that says 'Balm'

I know what your going to say, I really need to think before I put up post titles, but after a job that consists of giving head lines and intros and sub heads to shoddy pieces of writing, it's the last thing on my mind.

Update: I just reread this. And how jobless was I?

Sheesh. I embarass myself.

It's back

It's back.

With even more panic and confusion than usual. This time I'm around, I'm even more afraid.

The last time this happened was around the time I was graduating college, when I didn't know what to do next. I knew I wanted to study further, but what, where and how completely flummoxed me and I decided it would be best for me perhaps to work for a year, so I would get a clearer idea of what I wanted to do next in life.

And now it's December and I've know I've got approximately four months until I start putting in applications for whatever it is I wanted to.

Yes, I'm aware that four months is a hell of a long time, but I don't want to work that way. I know me. And one of my many many skills is procrastination. And if I know I have a 120 days until I have to absolutely get off my fat ass and do something, I'm not going to do anything but postpone.

Also, another reason is, I'd like to definitely know what it is that I want to do and where I'…


December is hands down my favourite month of the year. There's always so much to do. Parties to go to, people to meet, clothes to buy and food to eat.

But I haven't really been feeling like it's December yet. Almost christmas that too. Until today that is. I stumbled across a blog, Finding La Dolce Vita and I heard We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Finally, I'm in the spirit of the season. Woohoo..

Also, on a completely unrelated matter, is there anything hotter than a guy who dances well?

Seriously, is there?

Khoon Chala

Rang De Basanti. One of my favourite movies. I don't care what others have to say about it, whether the message was right or no. I love it for the music, for the characters, for Aamir Khan and Kunal Kapoor, for the friendships, for the love, for the rebellion.

My favourite moments in the movie have always been the funny ones. The ones that had me laughing.

But with each time, I watch the movie. Something changes. And now the moments I appreciate the most are the ones that are hard-hitting and poignant.

The songKhoon Chala in particular, when Atul Kulkarni looks up at the politician who's his mentor and realises that his idol has feet of clay.

That for me, is the moment in the entire movie.

Especially poignant these days, don't you think?

Of opinions and more

Everybody seems to be spouting an opinion on the Mumbai attack these days, including me. And often what we've been hearing has much repeated.

But these two articles that appeared in the New York Times. One by Thomas L Friedman and the other by Suketu Mehta, made a lot of sense to me as well as made for some interesting reading.


It;s been two days since the terror attacks and Mumbai still seems to be reeling from the effects of the terror attacks. The anger and the rage is overflowing. People are displaying unabashed hatred for our politicians. And promises are being made of how we aren't going to take this lying down and how we're going to fight back.

But I'm a little bit cynical, I wonder how how long before we forget and move on to dealing with our daily lives, until the next time 180 people are killed and over 300 injured.

But at the same time I'm proud. Proud of the stories I'm hearing of people, who've saved multiple lives. Who risked their own lives for others. The stories are pouring in now and they're heartwarming especially the one of VD Zende, the announcer at CST, who saved hundreds of lives with his quick thinking and presence of mind. I've been going around telling everyone his story and his bravery ranks right up there with those of the NSG commandos and police f…

India's worst ever terror attack

They've been calling it India's worst ever terror attack. And it is. Much much worse than anything I've ever sen.

It's been 16-17 hours since the attack began. But there hasn't been much headway yet. Hostage situations at three places. Countless people dead. Property destroyed. People terrified.

They're young, well dressed boys. Somebody you would expect would know better. These aren't amateur terrorists. They're sophisticated, well-trained attackers who know what they're doing. They've carried out their plans with military precision and left India and Mumbai reeling.

They came in by speedboat and the Indian Navy has just stopped a Karachi bound boat which refused to stop despite repeated calls. They came in to bring us to our knees.

Hemant Karkare and Vijay Salaskar. Two of Mumbai's seniormost and valuable police officials gone for ever. Havaldars and army men.

Security forces have been pouring in. The NSG, the RAF and the Marine Commandos.Fl…

Bombay under seige

Bombay has been reeling under terror attacks in the last couple of hours. The Oberoi and Taj hotels, Cafe Leopold's in Colaba, Cama and GT hospitals, VT station, Vile Parle and Santacruz.

Men have stormed in with AK 47's and hand grenades and have been gunning people down.

And this has affected me like nothing has in a while. Cafe Leopold's, VT are all places you'll find me at most often. When I was in college, Colaba was my hangout of choice and Leopold's a favourite place to be at with some beer and their famous beef chilly. The minute I would walk in, I would run into at least 5 people I know. And any Xavierite or Wilsonian will agree with me.

It's just simply heartbroken and I'm finding it hard to comprehend. The hardest part though was when the camera panned around Leopold's to show a pool of blood in a corner. Why do people have to do this? How cold-blooded and devoid of feeling can a human being be to stand in front of a roomful of people and shoot …

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

I cheated today.

Not on a boyfriend or anything of that sort, before you let your imagination run away with you.

But at a stupid little game of volleyball. Played entirely for the purpose of fun and a miserly bottle of Pepsi.

Well, anyway the score was tied, the other team was serving. One of the boys on the opposite team smashed the ball over to our side. We thought it was out and left it, only to have it bounce on the sideline.

The other team starts celebrating and my team minus me, starts screaming about how the ball was out, and then everybody started arguing.

One of my team mates comes up to me and says, 'It was out. You don't say anything, we'll handle it.'

And I didn't. Because I was the only girl in the team and I didn't want to have all the boys shout at me. I now see that for the miserable excuse it is. That I, who's always prided myself on my courage and honesty and fearlessness could be scared of incurring the wrath of five boys.

And when the other tea…

Remembering Avanti

Day before yesterday, on the 8th of November 2008, Avanti Desai would have turned 21. Instead 15 days before her birthday, as she hurried home to celebrate her grandmother's birthday, Avanti met with a train accident at Jogeshwari station.

Just like that. Gone from our lives forever. Leaving behind a huge void and the world a lot more gloomier.

And when I got the call first thing in the morning, I couldn't believe it. I thought it was a cruel sadistic joke, but as the calls kept coming in, I realised it was true. Even at the cemetary,, it still hadn't sunk in that Avanti was no longer here. The worst moment though was watching her disappear into the crematorium, it was horrible and I couldn't believe we were leaving her there, and through the next couple of hours all I could think of was of her going up in smoke while we stood there in the bright sunshine.

It seemed incomprehensible at first, to think of Avanti as dead, to talk about her in the past tense, to get used…


Headlines Today has been telecasting nonstop for the past hour, the news of Dr Akhilesh Prasad Singh, the Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food and PD, assaulting and abusing a staff member of Kingfisher Airlines. To read about it, go here.

The minister was on Headlines Today, where he said that he arrived at the Patna Airport at 8:15 pm, for an 8:30 flight. On questioning by the anchor, he said that the security formalities were completed by his staff.

How ridiculous is that? 15 mins before a flight takes off, the man dares to turn up and on being told he can't board the flight, assaults the manager. All because he has behind him the weight of the ministry. When the plane has already begun take off procedures, he demands to be allowed to board the flight.

Ordinary mortals like us on the other hand, turn up an hour earlier for flights, even with conveniences like online check-ins. We board the flight 30 mins in advance, follow all the rules, go through our s…

Of babies and more

I saw this post on Moo's blog and my total lack of imagination has led me to stealing an idea from her. I've hit new levels of pathetic. Along with new levels of melodrama. Anyway, this post made me think because maybe even a year or so back. I would have been right in there, shaking my head vigorously agreeing with her. I was the baby hater. I couldn't stand whiny, crying babies with a lot of demands. I was so anti-baby, that I even told my back up friend, y'know back up friend? Anyway, I made it clear to him from the very beginning that as and when we were married, we would adopt and not young babies but kids who were at the very least four years old.

I cringed when babies entered trains anticipating loud yells and an end to the peaceful ride home. I detested kids who entered buses and had to be given seats. Babies in shopping malls and theaters. Which is why my next statement will come as a big shock to a lot of people.

I've crossed over to the other side. *hang…

Of Stereotypes and more

All our newspapers are full of how the accused behind the recent blasts in the country are well educated young men. Working with software giants like Yahoo!

Our policemen though, it seems are still to get the message. What else would explain the persistent checking at railway stations of shabbily dressed men carrying large bags and suitcases. While the relatively better dressed and much more educated looking aren't even subjected to a cursory glance.

What about women, you ask? Nada. Zilch. Nothing. The police force seems to think of women as being incapable of anything even remotely related to violence.(I don't think they've seen the fights at peak hour). But that aside, I have never ever seen a woman checked and often when I'm carrying a huge bag, I dawdle past the police desk in the hope that I'll be checked and I've never been questioned or even gazed at suspiciously.

In Palestine and Israel, Italy and Chechnya women are being used increasingly as terrorists as…


Parents are a weird sorta people.

My case in point, when I was in college and school, the popular refrain around here was "You can do whatever you want to when your working and earning your own money."

Fair enough. And I waited breathlessly until the moment I earned my own cash (which I'm now regretting I might add, I prefer the comfort of college)

Anyway, as you all know, I'm working now.

Now however the new dialogue around here is 'As long as your living under our roof, you'll do as we say"



I'm bored and I have nothing better to do in life, which is why I'm putting up baby pictures of me. :D

I'm the mischievous one, first from the right, making the weird face. :D

My brother and me playing with our toys

A fancy dress competition where I dressed as a bunch of grapes.

And to end with so you don't think I was a terrible child, a pic of me on my first birthday. :D


A friend of mine is in a job which requires him to go incommunicado more often than not. He can't call very often. maybe about once in a couple of months and emails about once a month.

He called me a couple of days and we've been talking ever since then. Not through out, but sporadically here and there. And from today, I won't be able to call him for another couple of months and I'm absolutely wallowing in misery right now.

Yes, the fact that I'm a drama queen doesn't help very much. but I do miss him much much more than I realised and the thought that I have to stay away from him for this long is breaking my heart. I have to get used to not being able to talk to him all over again now. To not running every time I hear the phone ringing and not being able to pick up the phone and hear his voice say hello in that special little way of his. Yes I'm aware it's only 2 months more, but still. I hate it. I hate communicating via e-mail, its no match for long ph…


I've been going through a weird phase lately. Where all I've wanted to do is pick up my bag and go off into the world. With my camera, a book or two and my beloved music.

It's been eating away at me for days. It's even been my Gtalk status and I don't mean go off to Goa and stay in a luxurious hotel. I want to go to Cairo and Baghdad, to Tibet and Ladakh, to rough it out and to soak it all in.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not just craving for places outside India, I would be just as happy to visit Hampi and Khajuraho, Dharamshala and Srinagar, Annamalai and Cochin.

But what saddens me is the most, is how frowned upon that would be. For me to travel all alone. And how my parents would never allow it. I wish I lived in a country so safe, that I could travel it's length and breadth without any worries at all.

But que sera sera. And hopefully someday I'll find that perfect travel companion. Boy or girl. Whichever it is. Though I would love it if there's …


Some one told me around 3 years back, that I float from group to group. She didn't mean it in a bad way. It was just her observation when we were all talking and I have absolutely no problem with it. She's entitled to her opinion.

But all of a sudden, it popped into my head and I felt it quite deserved a post.

I'll be the first to admit. I do have a lot of friends. I have my school friends, my colony friends, my Xaviers college friends, my Wilson friends, my Wilsons basketball friends, 2 sets of friends from the place where I live in now, and a bunch of friends who don't fit into any specific group, but who are just there. And I love all of them, very very much.

I have so many friends that my mum sometimes has a hard time figuring out who I'm with and how I know them. My brother says I should have the word "Sociable" stamped across my forehead. But I love it that way. I love knowing that I have so many friends. And yes I know the difference between friends a…

Public or Private

I tried accessing someone's blog recently, only to realise that it was now private.

And since that's something I've been contemplating doing for a while now, it hit me.

I started work as you all know, a month ago. And since I sometimes access my blog at work, because I find it hard to stay away from the goings on in the blogging world for more than a few hours, a colleague of mine has noticed and has been asking for the link to my blog, which I've been avoiding rather successfully.

But sooner or later, she'll put me on the spot, and then I'll be in a quandry. I'm not worried about her accessing the blog because there are personal things she'll know about me. But because in a way, it'll take away my honesty, where else would I crib about my work and everything else, if not here.

And I'd hate for them to get the wrong impression simply because, while I might crib, I don't really let it affect me or my interactions with people. But seeing it up her…

Comments and more

I've been thinking about comments lately.

Don't worry. Not mine. Because discounting those few faithful commenters I have, it's a rare occasion for me to have commenters.

Not like the Mad Momma or the Compulsive Confessor, for whom I'm more shocked, if they get less than 30 comments on a post.

And they deserve it all, for the absolutely brilliant, incisive, honest, capture you with the first line bloggers they are.

And this isn't about how envious I am either, well maybe just a teeny tiny bit(what? I'm only human!)

But more because I wonder how they feel when they receive a comment. Me? I'm super excited, walking on the clouds would be an understatement. I rush over immediately to check out the comment as soon as I read the notification on GMAIL.

It's hard to put in words exactly what I feel but well, I just imagine them laughing along as they read comments and type in replies. Rage when a troll sends them rude comments. Cry at the more beautiful ones, what t…


Forget all the cribbing I did about work.

It's all smoothened over now.

With my first ever salary.

Until the next fracas that happens that is.

One Month

It's been a month since I've started work. And I'm not quite sure whether I like it or no yet.

On some levels, I like it. Despite the ruined Saturday nights, when instead of living it up, I'm stuck inside a cold office, working my butt off till at least 11:3o in the night.

I enjoy the work. It's fun and challenging and there's something new every time I go out on a story. I've learned so much I never knew a month ago. I know how to assign stories, to pull from the system. To communicate to the photographers exactly what pictures I want. To sub-edit stories and talk to people and get my work done.

I've gone on my first ever press conference and had sushi at the ITC Sheraton. Met my first sets of pseudo stars and covered a wider genre of articles than I could have thought possible.

In short, judging by the work aspect I love it.

What I don't like however, is the work atmosphere. There seems to be a lot of behind the back bitching going around, that I'…

All about Me.. (and my Work)

I got tagged for this by Homecooked ages ago. And I should probably be shot for not doing this earlier but I plead a hectic work life and a recurring problem of chronic laziness. :D

Anyway, here goes

I am: dreading the thought of work tomorrow.

I think: I should go to sleep now.

I want: to skivvy off work tomorrow.

I have: ummm... lots of work to do???

I wish: I didn't have any work to do.

I hate: colleagues who bitch.

I miss: Wilsons

I fear: getting fired.

I feel: lazy

I hear: my dad on the phone

I crave: chocolate.

I search: for my 2GB pen drive

I regret: lending my 4GB pen drive to my friend

I love: Sundays. My one day off.

I care: for the people and issues I feel are important

I am not: ambitious and pushy.

I believe: in the people I love.

I dance: whenever the mood takes me.

I sing: badly but off and on.

I cry: way too often lately.

I fight: only when I feel truly wronged and offended.

I win: sometimes

I lose: my keys

I never: force my opinions on other people.

I always: buy popcorn at movies.

I confus…

One year...

of being a blog.

Yesterday was my blog's first birthday. And I'm quite speechless and I don't know what to say really.

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly I've gotten out of this blog. And to say things that I haven't said before.

But I'll try. Mostly I've used it as a space to vent and rage, to talk about issues and things that most probably people wouldn't want to listen to, to unabashedly give my opinions and pass judgement when I wouldn't really give them otherwise.

Thank you blog.

Tri-colour Flying High

My day began with an sms from Times Now saying, India wins first ever individual gold. Abhinav Bindra creates history at the Olympics. Catch the breaking news on TIMES NOW.
I don't think I've ever been so glad to recieve an sms from TIMES NOW.

I raced out of bed and switched on the TV and kept flipping from channel to channel to catch glimpses of Abhinav Bindra.

As the opening day of the Olympics came closer and closer, I got more and more excited. And I pretty much watched the Olympics opening ceremony with a heavy heart wishing I could be there.

But all of that aside, I kept hoping secretly that the Indian contingent would win a handful of medals and come back. And not just a solitary bronze. I even meant to post about it but I was busy with work type things, y'know?

I didn't voice my hopes though cause I pretty much knew that people would be violently disagreeing with me and pointing out what an optimistic person I am and how I need to wake up and see the reality.

But wit…


As you may know, if you've been reading my blog , I started driving classes more than a month ago. I've been going for classes ever since then fairly regularly with a few missed classes here and there.

Anyway, my driving test was on Wednesday. For which I was supposed to present myself at the driving school at nine thirty which I did. And we set off in a sumo for the RTO at Mumbai Central. It was a rainy day and the entire time we were there, it poured. After waiting for a couple of hours, 8 other people from my driving school and me were given our forms and taken to an office, where we were made to submit our forms.

And the next thing I knew, they told me that the test was done with, passed had been written on the form without any actual test being conducted. And I would get my license in a couple of days, which I did today.

And I for one, am extremely disappointed by the whole process, it strikes me as really sad that this is the system which we're living in. Imagine if I t…

My First Day

I start work tomorrow for the first time ever. And I'm terrified. Not of the new people or the new place.

But of not performing well and not living up to what they expect of me and what I expect of myself.

I'm scared that I'll be fired.

But most of all, what terrifies me, is the thought that I might realize that journalism is not the profession for me. That i might not be good at it and be forced to give it up.

And so, as I begin work tomorrow. All those of you reading this, lurkers and regular readers, please pray for me that all goes well. That I may be good at whatever it is I'm supposed to do. And that this turns out to be the profession for me.

I hate people who interfere

I hate people who interfere. And I've said it twice so you'll believe me without a doubt.

My college ended in April with my exams even though I officially graduated in June.

And I start work tomorrow. Monday that is.

3 months since I got done with college. And while almost all of my classmates have found jobs and are working, I've pretty much whiled these 3 months away.

I've gone on trips galore. Participated in church camps, volunteered at the YMCA, lazed around at home... You get the picture. All the while trying to decide what to do with life. Whether to work or study.

My parents have been on my back these last 3 months. Wanting me to do something more. Decide what direction I'm going in etc etc.

And I was pretty much okay with not having done anything at all these last three months until a very annoying incident happened.

I was chatting with a classmate on Google Talk sometime this week and I mentioned that I would be working soon.

At which point, she said and I quote.…

My Philosophy

What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
created with
You scored as HedonismYour life is guided by the principles of Hedonism: You believe that pleasure is a great, or the greatest, good; and you try to enjoy life’s pleasures as much as you can.

“Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!”

More info at Arocoun's Wikipedia User Page...






45%Justice (Fairness)

35%Divine Command

35%Strong Egoism




I'm in a new phase where I'm attempting to let bygones be bygones.

I'm making efforts to bridge gaps and extend the olive branch.

I don't expect the relationships to go back to where they were before the breaks happened. But I'm hoping for a thawing of the ice and a certain level of genuine warmth and affection. Or I would just settle for the bitterness and the hate to disappear.


I've been feeling overtly philosophical lately. And it struck me that as I'm moving into new phases and new avenues in life, there's been some bitterness holding me back. Memories gone sour. I hate it that when I think of college and friends and classmates, that there are unhappy recollections.

I know that I can't expect to get along swimmingly well with everybody, but that doesn't have to translate into dislike and hate and anger. Does it?

I accept that I can't be friends with everyone. But I would like to be good acquaintances at least. That when I run into someone…

I love this game

I miss basketball.

I know I've said it about a million times before, but I still miss it. I haven't played in ages.

It's hard to explain though. It's just so absolutely wonderful to play and to come off the court exhausted yet exhilarated.

I love the sense of anticipation before the game. I love that time on the court when I think of nothing else except where the ball is.

I haven't played in months since college ended in fact which was about 3 months ago. And now with work and everything else, I don't see myself playing for a while except maybe an odd moment here and there.

The most depressing thought I've had in a while.

Money Money Money

This is a first.

I want to blog. But I have no idea what to blog about. Weird.

I have finally made a decision though. I'm going to be working for a year and then studying further. Contingent on my getting into a good journalism school that is.

All this CV making and job hunting makes me feel terribly grown up. And not necessarily in a good way.

Its a time to face up to responsibilities, to shoulder some burdens and to walk on. And to let go of the carefree days of yore.

But on the other hand, I will be earning lots of money, (see how good I am at deluding myself), and I will be able to buy myself lots of things. First on the list of which is a new bike.


A New Grasscourt Champion

Rafael Nadal edged out Roger Federer yesterday in the Wimbledon finals. Thereby ending Federer's five match winning streak at Wimbledon.

And to say that this was one of the greatest matches ever played will be doing it an injustice. It's a rarity in any sport to see two classy opponents playing at this high a level.

Last year's final was heartbreaking for Nadal and this year almost became a repeat of that. Nadal had Federer on the edge a couple of times and yet every time it seemed like the game was lost, Federer would swing back in. In the end, it felt somehow incredible that Nadal actually won. Time after time on crucial points, Federer rendered Nadal helpless. And if it was any other player, their spirit would have been crushed perhaps. But not Nadal. He had only one case of nerves when he double faulted in the third set after leading the tie breaker 5-2.

Both players fought and fought and didn't let themselves get down. Federer came back after being two sets down to l…

Bubbling Up

I haven't really felt like blogging lately. I've been commenting on other peoples' blogs but when it comes to posting on my own, I haven't been in the mood.

And even now as I type this post out, I don't really know what I'm going to be writing about. So please bear with me.

First of all, I'm overjoyed that Spain won. The team I supported right from the beginning along with Portugal and Italy won. It was a brilliant victory and well-deserved. And I couldn't be happier if I was in the team myself. I love their style of play. Attacking, flowing football with sharp passing. A sight for sore eyes especially compared to the German style of brute strength. Every game they played was a pleasure to watch. And the best part is that the team who didn't lose a single game throughout the tournament won. And I love Iker Casillas, David Villa, Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso. *Sigh*.

And Spain were the clear winners. Despite what some people seem to …

Who's your pick?

In keeping with my ongoing obsession with the Euro Cup, I've created a poll on who the hottest footballer is. And you'll see if you look at the right hand side of the page.

If you wanna know what they look like, check this post out.

So what are you waiting for?? Start voting !!!

Football Football Football

Contrary to my usual basketball obsession, I've been living and breathing football lately thanks to Euro 2008 and its even eclipsed the NBA finals which I have just been following sporadically. And I just had to blog about it.

I'm supporting Portugal, Spain and Italy in that order. And while Portugal and Spain qualified comfortably, Italy just managed to squeak through with a 2-0 win over France.

Italy though are mentally and physically strong and I'm sure they'll manage to raise their game up before the next match. Though they are playing Spain. Whom the hell do I support? Spain or Italy? Spain or Italy?

Though I would love Portugal to win, they're my favourite team in this Euro Cup, I don't think they'll win. I don't think they really have it in them to win. Much as I hate to say it.

While I'm supporting these 3 teams, I haven't yet written off the Dutch who are playing "Joga Bonita" football. They are a joy to watch. Pure poetry and ev…

End of an Era

I haven't been really interested in blogging lately. Yes, I know after all the talks I gave about being addicted to blogging, I should probably be shot dead. But while I still read blogs regularly I haven't really been interested in blogging myself. Until today that is, I came across a beautiful post at Mynie's blog. And I was immediately inspired to post.

I know I've said that I miss college a lot about a million times before. But this seemed such a nice way to do things, to list out exactly what I miss about college. And while, I can't think of ever bettering that list. Cause she said pretty much all of it, I'm just going to try and fill in the gaps.

I miss the anticipation of waiting for the watchman to ask for my ID, the moment I set foot inside the gate.

I miss running down to the basketball court every five minute break between lectures to see if anyone was playing.

I miss the guy at the BMM office, who pointed to the notice board every time we asked him abou…

Battery Down

I've always been someone who has looked forward to the new day. It's been a very rare occasion indeed when I've woken up and thought that I didn't want to go to school/college or do anything for that day.

I've jumped out of bed, ready to face the new day. Ok fine. I've crawled out of bed, but I'm sure you've never seen it done with such enthusiasm.

But lately, I'm experiencing a supreme disinterest. I don't wanna face a new day. I just wanna lie around in my bed and do nothing. Meet nobody and do nothing.

And quite frankly, I'm scared.


This post is officially my 101st post. And while I have a long long way to go before I reach a 1000, I am ecstatic and proud.

And I am excited at some levels and at some, I can't believe that I've actually reached a 100 posts, in the 10 months since my blog has begun.

What astounds me though is how integral blogging has become to my life. I have begin to contemplate every little thing as a potentially blog worthy issue.

And I have another admission to make. Huddle in close. *Whispers* I am a blog addict. *Stops for shocked gasps.* Really ! * Stops again to allow information to sink in*

There are blogs I have to read at and it gnaws away at me if I don't. I contemplate all the stuff I'm missing out on while I'm away and the huge amounts I'll have to read. I agonised over the fact that I wouldn't be able to read Moo's hilariously fun blog posts or salivate over Homecooked's delicious food. I felt dreadful about the fact that I wasn't here when it was…

Half Way There

The mystery I spoke about in my last post has almost been cracked. We're half way there to figuring out the truth and even if I do say so myself, we're GOOD.

We brought in another friend, so now its me, SR and JF. Why you ask? Because JF, has the best contacts this side of the world, and we wouldn't be able to put a lot of pieces into place without him and his talent for sniffing out information

It took us exactly one hour to figure out a significant part of the story. Beginning with my MSN conversation with P's supposed boyfriend. On very careful and extremely subtle questioning on my part,(you would be proud of me, Moo), he told me that P and he have broken up and not less than two days ago. At which point, thanks to the magical power of the telephone, we began calling sources. And one informant turned out to be a goldmine, now we know that they broke up because P found him too possessive. *rolls eyes*. How convenient, don't you think?

And that sure as hell coincide…

Just call me Nancy Drew

In completely unrelated news to any of my previous posts, I am indulging in some detective work. And before you say, Wtf? Let me explain.

A friend of mine by the name of E has been acting very suspiciously lately. He's constantly on his phone, messaging a certain girl and talking to her on the phone and running to meet her.

And while he insists that they're just good friends. We aren't falling for it. And the very fact that he's hiding it from his two closest friends is very shady in itself.

Now the girl in question, let's just call her 'P', supposedly already has a boyfriend. But nobody knows for sure, whether they're still dating. And I think that's whats stopping my friend from telling us what the scene is. But we're pretty sure, that if it comes down to E and the other guy, P will pick E, because that's the kind of wonderful person he is. Even a blind person would pick him.

Also, to add fuel to the fire, we have a very strong feeling that t…


I have exciting news.

Well exciting for me anyway.

I have as of today been published. One of my articles was taken by YUVA. It's a relatively new newspaper targeting the youth and I for one think it's pretty cool and no I am not biased just because they published my article.

I wish I could link up the article here. But they don't have an online edition yet. So your'll will just have to be content reading the blog version.

Update on Let It Be

In my last post, I whined about a stand-off that I had with a friend. So thought I'd bring you guys upto speed on whats happening now.

The very night of the day, I put up that post, we were all sitting around, talking, drinking and eating in celebration of a friend's birthday. When I decided that I'd had enough and I couldn't bear the fact that he wasn't talking to me. And everybody knew what was going on and there was a chill in the air. And I just couldn't have fun. While knowing that he isn't talking to me. So totally going back on what I'd promised myself. I went up to him and spoke.

Yes yes. I know. I'm a weak, spineless creature.

And his reason? I wasn't talking to him so he wasn't talking to me back. But anyway I couldn't really care less cause now we're talking.

But things aren't back to normal yet. We're both still a little bit colder with each other than we were. And while I know it'll take a while for things to be …

Let it Be

After a recent spate of Strangers in the Mist posts, I have now decided to move on. Cause quite frankly speaking, I was tired of looking at them every single time I opened the damn blog. But what I am sad about though, is that there's so much of the trip I haven't written about. Some of the most beautiful, touching moments and I feel a distinct sense of loss there.

Anyway, this post is not about that. This post is about friendship and knowing when to accept things as they are and move on. To give other people a chance to realise where they're wrong and make their own amends and not let them off the hook that easily.

I'm one of those people who can never say 'No'. I didn't know it myself but I had an epiphany recently and I realised that in fact I do get dumped on a hell of a lot. And I don't mean in material terms, I mean in terms of heart and soul.

All those who know me, will attest to the fact, that I'm a hot-tempered person. But I am as quick to for…

Strangers in the Mist- Part 6

It's the end of a long, tiring day of travelling and we are now at Dimapur in Nagaland. I somehow don't feel like I'm in the north-east. It could be a small, dusty town anywhere else in India and it seems to have more migrants than the original inhabitants.

The fabulous dress sense of the people here continues to astound me. They are always so chicly attired and I am so so envious of the way they put things together.

Other than that, today was a fairly interesting day. We left from Nameri pretty early and I was quite disappointed to leave. It weas such a beautiful place and one that I would definitely love to visit again.

The road to Dimapur led through Kaziranga National Park and for once we were lucky enough to spot some one horned rhinos. Th rest of the ride however was long and boring and hot and saw me dozing pretty much throughout it.

The army and security presence here in Dimapur is considerable and on our evening walk, we saw quite a few security personnel totting hug…

Strangers in the Mist- Part 5


18:46 pm

It's Day 2 at Nameri Tiger Reserve and I have finally been bitten by a leech. Not once or twice, but four times and all on my right leg. It's not particularly painful though and unlike the rest I'm quite okay with being bitten and haven't made too much of a song and dance about it.

On the contrary, I was quite excited about being bitten and part of the elite "Leech Club".

This has been a day of learning and I am still trying to absorb some of it.

And the more I learn about discrimination against the North-east, the more it infuriates me.We heard a lot of stories today and my mind is reeling. For instance, when the Chinese Prime Minister visited Mumbai, north-eastern students who were leaving college were picked up by the police and kept at Lamigton Road police station all because they were 'chinky' and looked Tibetan, which was a gross injustice by any standards. Most of them were just leaving college when they were picked up and they d…

Strangers in the Mist- Part 4


19:30 pm

Nameri Tiger Reserve is where we are today and I for one am completely awestruck. Nameri is situated north to Tezpur which is in Assam.

We are staying at an Eco Camp, a little way into Nameri and this place is amazing. It is truly what I would expect a camp to be like with grass tents, lush greenery, a campfire spot, plenty of space to run around and play in.

The evening started off with a one and a half kilometre walk to the riverside and ended with us plunging into the river.

As of now, we are at a session being conducted by our Professor and we have a local and ex-Wilsonian Chombe telling us about the tribes and languages of Arunachal Pradesh.

As I sit here, I wonder what the bloody hell was wrong with me that I actually thought of dropping out of this trip and I now know that if I had missed out I would regret it for the rest of my life. Who knows when, if ever, I will visit these places again and even if I do, there is no guarantee that I will be with these same cra…

Strangers in the Mist- Part 3


11:00 am

Sometimes in life you just need to stop and stare and here at Eagle's Nest Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh, I have experienced one of those moments today at the waterfall with the clearest water I have ever seen.

And I had to spend some time there. Sitting and soaking it up. And bird-watching.

The walk back wasn't the best though. It was long and painful what with the jeeps breaking down and everything. But it was still fun.

At the end of the day however I am just about ready to collapse.

If I survive tonight I will let you know.

Strangers in the Mist- Part 2

20:00 pm

Pakke National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

I am not an easy person to silence and it takes a lot to get me to shut up.

Something very very special happened today and it happened the moment I stepped into the Pakke National Park behind an Asian elephant with a penchant for breaking wind.

The forest itself was beautiful, one of the best I've seen and I fell in love with it immediately and I didn't want to leave until I saw all the forest had to offer both in terms of plants and animals. With the animals undoubtedly being the high point. The sight of surprise on the face of the wild elephant and then watching them crashing through the underbrush and the Great Hornbills soaring majestically through the sky are memories that I will always carry with me. On some levels though, I am filled with regret that I didn't get to see a tiger or a clouded leopard though I tried my darnedest. But oh well, C'est la vie.

The leeches were an experience that I will never forget. …

Strangers in the Mist- Part 1

* I wrote this during my recent trip to Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Nagaland and it's in the form of a diary. And now that I read back on it, I'm longing to edit it out and make changes, but in the interest of being true to myself, I'm going to do no such thing*

6th January 2008
16:05 pm

The train journey lasted a very long while and while most parts were fun, bits of it were quite boring.

After arriving in Assam and now Arunachal Pradesh, I am awestruck by how beautiful it is and how absolutely little I know of the country I live in. Though I must admit that I'm a little bit better than most. What saddens me most is that for these people, they are not Indians but are made to feel like outsiders, that some of them do not feel Indian, that they are called 'chinkies', that we generalise all the states in the North-East whether Assam, Manipur or Mizoram as North-Eastern. That we fail to see them as states with different cultural identities but just as people with sma…