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I hate people who interfere

I hate people who interfere. And I've said it twice so you'll believe me without a doubt.

My college ended in April with my exams even though I officially graduated in June.

And I start work tomorrow. Monday that is.

3 months since I got done with college. And while almost all of my classmates have found jobs and are working, I've pretty much whiled these 3 months away.

I've gone on trips galore. Participated in church camps, volunteered at the YMCA, lazed around at home... You get the picture. All the while trying to decide what to do with life. Whether to work or study.

My parents have been on my back these last 3 months. Wanting me to do something more. Decide what direction I'm going in etc etc.

And I was pretty much okay with not having done anything at all these last three months until a very annoying incident happened.

I was chatting with a classmate on Google Talk sometime this week and I mentioned that I would be working soon.

At which point, she said and I quote. "Finally your doing something productive with your life instead of just lying around wasted."

This irritated me like nothing else has in a long long while. Who the hell is she to comment on my life? It's not like she's paying for my upkeep. So why does she get affected by what I do with my life. I could sit around on my arse for the rest of my life if I wanted to and I don't see why it has to make any difference to her. My parents are the only ones who actually have the right to comment on what I do with my life because they're the ones who are putting food on my plate and clothes on my back.

No one else.

And it's not even like she's a close friend, she's just a classmate someone I barely speak to. If it was a good friend, I wouldn't have gotten so upset perhaps because I know they care about what I do with my life and even if they said it in a jocular manner, I would have laughed it off. But not her. She's just some random person I barely know. It's almost like a stranger off the road coming up to me and espousing unwanted opinions.

And I don't think the fact that we're classmates, gives her the right to comment at all, if anything, she should be even more careful that she doesn't cross the line.


And my response to that statement? I hate confrontations, so I pretty much just went offline and I haven't chatted with her since.


Ace said…
I empathize with you. Your annoyance is not without a base. The only motive I can see behind such a spiteful remark, is wanting to hurt/annoy you. Bet she had a smirk that said 'YESSS!!!' when you went offline.
Anonymous said…
Hey ...don't take these ppl seriously ..u don't need to compete or be part of a race ...u probably are going to be working for pretty much 30-40 years of your life ...what is the hurry ?? three months is nothing when u think abt it ...take ur time and enjoy the ride ! :) good luck with the new job :)

Ok I'll say this. Here's the difference between India & the West & I don't mean this in a negative way. It's just the way it is.

Yes your classmate's comment was totally uncalled for but honestly it's something I've come to expect from Indians in India having grown up there. It's a free for all when it comes to doling out comments and it's something I haven't missed since moving to Canada. People mind their own damn business. So I don't blame you for totally writing her off on Google Talk. I'd have done the same. But just bear in mind that it's the norm, considering where you are.

Got here thru MM, by the way and saw your comment on her Beggar post. :o)
Homecooked said…
Oh you poor thing! Where is it written that you have to take up a job as soon as u get results? Its good that you took the time to actually decide what you wanted to do and you did the things you loved going on camps and volunteering! Believe me, you wont get time once u start working.
Unmana said…
I get that kind of people all the time. People who feel they have the right to crticize my life and decisions (and this is always someone who doesn't really know anything about me).

All I can say is, no point losing one's cool over them. But I don't follow my own advice!
Mynie said…
Ha ha ha! What a pleasure to have read this. I love the post. It's a great comeback for the random comment you got. Completely unwarranted. Simply out of nowhere. It's stupid and doesn't need to be take seriously. But, since I know the person in question, it gives me even more pleasure to read this here!
GettingThereNow said…
Hi, came here following your comment on Kiran's (from Karmickids) blog. Congratulations on the new job!

I agree with Ms. Cute Pants - Indians, in general, dole out such comments/advice very freely (Hey, I think I might be one of those "kind" of Indians :P) I think your going offline was indication enough and she WOULD have gotten the hint. Also agree that 3 months is nothign compared to all the YEARS you will be spending working. And even if you don't, its your life so no one else shoudl be bothered.
Xorkes said…
hmmm.. was it me who said so? i dont remember coz a no of times u suddenly went offline :(
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Xorkes : Of course not. You've never passed mean comments like that.

She was a college classmate.

And I apologise for going offline suddenly. But its just that half the time, I leave my comp on and go off, doing other things. :D

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