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I sat here staring at my screen for at least 15 minutes before I could decide what to blog about and as I write this I still have no idea. It's randomness at its best.

There are a multitude of thoughts swirling through my head and I'm finding it hart to pinpoint or firmly hold one down. To be precise, what I'm feeling is exactly what Mynie describes in Strings. It's a knotted mess in my head. But I felt that it was time I did a blog post, there have been way too many tags lately and while I love doing tags. It's incredibly cathartic to write a post and get everything off my chest. And while this may seem a mess of a post, there's a lot of stuff that I wanted to talk about but didn't really seem to deserve an entire post to themselves, in terms of content at least. So I'm gonna put them all in here, in what is probably going to turn up to be a hell of a confused post.

I'm just going to go with the flow and talk about whatever pops into my head.


I was with a friend yesterday who volunteered to drop me home from Bandra on her adorable little bright red Hero Honda Pleasure. And after a hard day of studying and talking. We studied. I swear! We weren't really in the mood to go home and wanted to chill out which is when we decided to ride up to Shivaji Park which we later changed to Haji Ali and then to Chowpatty and finally ended up dropping in at a friend's house in Crawford Market and all of this happened after ten. And needless to say, I absolutely loved it. Randomness is my forte. I love doing things at the spur of the moment, just for the heck for it, diving in without a second though, leaping before I look etc. It was fun and exactly what I needed. Food for the soul. There's something about the wind in your face that's exhilarating and drives everything else outta your mind. And I wouldn't mind going for more rides like that.

Also, I was watching FRIENDS yesterday, the one where Chandler falls asleep during a meeting and has to move to Tulsa. One of the best episodes ever. Anyway, as I watching it, I was thinking about how excited I used to get whenever the latest seasons were telecast on Zee Cafe and how I would run home every Sunday at 8 to watch it. And now that wont be happening anymore. They've ended the show and I was very very sad. To think that something I've loved so much has come to an end. I felt the same way when I read Harry Potter. No matter that I didn't really care for the last couple of books. I was still devastated when I finished the seventh book and I realised that I wouldn't be excitedly waiting for the next edition of Harry. And I would love to be a writer like that, who makes characters on a TV show so real and so believable that everyone wants to be like them and invite them into your homes or the writer who creates an entirely unbelievable world and yet has the entire world buying into it and booking copies in advance and lining up outside bookstores in the early hours of the morning to buy if your honest with yourself, will admit to be an over-priced book.

And my biggest worry of all, My exams are coming up from 7th April to be precise and I am extremely under-prepared. But somehow I can't seem to get myself to care. I'm taking it just like any other regular college level exam where the basic aim is to just pass. Screw topping and all of that jazz. But these are my University exams. UNIVERSITY. And I shouldn't be taking them so lightly but I'm unable to get myself out of this mindset. Don't get me wrong, I am studying. Not as well or as seriously as I should perhaps. Most of my time seems to go in thinking about Goa or what I'm going to do in May or in other myriad things.

I almost forgot about this one, This Easter Weekend was one of the best ones ever. I didn't do much partying as such but I met with three different groups of friends and each time, it was exactly what it should be, filled with good food, warmth, laughter, lots of silly joke cracking and name-calling and some insane photographs, that are not fit to be seen on a family blog. :D.

And lastly but not least, this one's just for the basketball fans and especially for those people who love Allen Iverson. It's this article here. Allen was recently back at the Wachovia Centre in Philadelphia, playing against his old team, the 76ers and when AI was introduced, the applause lasted a full minute and 5 seconds. Not bad. Not bad at all. Especially for the man, who in my book is one of the greatest basketball players ever. The article is full of praise for him and I don't think I can do it justice here. So just go ahead and read it. I loved it and if you love the Answer as much as I do, you should too.

And now that I've written down everything that was mixed about in my head and I'm feeling so much.

This blog is really better than therapy.

P.S : I can't wait to see the comments I get on this one.


Nirmal's Blog said…
i dropped in ur blog after i recieved ur comment ....
bout HP even i felt bad...i was rather sad coz of voldmort......he was my hero and rowling killed him as he was a kid or something....
bout friends.....u can get cds of all the seasons in the market....
study well for ur xams........
will meet u again as i m online all 24hrs.....
no i m nt weird..lolz..
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Nirmal : I know I was sad about Harry Potter and FRIENDS ending. And I know that the books and the cds are available but what I was trying to say was that I felt sad that they ended and there wouldn't be the excitement of any new edition of Harry Potter or a new season of Friends.

And also, who said you were weird?
Perakath said…
You're the first basketball fan I've met in a loong while! AI is very cool and very talented. But I've always felt he underperformed, somehow. Like Michael Owen, you know? Results not in keeping with such prodigious talent...

Have you seen clips of AI dunking?
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Perakath : Basketball!!! I can go on and on about that. I love AI despite all his faults. He's such a brilliant performer. Though a tad inconsistent.

I also love Jason Kidd, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Peja Stojakovic, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Rip Hamilton, Ben Wallace, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett. And as you can see, I can go on and on and on...

Not too fond of Kobe Bryant and Shaq though. What do you think?

And if i sound slightly psychotic, I apologise. It's just that it's been so long since I've had a decent basketball conversation with anybody. *Sob*
Gentle Whispers said…
And yeah, I have. Y do you ask?
Perakath said…
Oh just asking... until I saw them (way back when), I thought he couldn't dunk..

Do you play basketball yourself? I used to, religiously, but it's tapered off this year.

I'm not fond of Shaq either.. I think he's only effective because of his size. Not talent as such, y'know? On the other hand I love Kobe, I think he's a very good player who's only upped his game as he's gotten more senior. A couple of seasons ago his average and his series of 50-point games were soo good...

I approve of the rest of your list though, hehe... except for the absence of VINCE CARTER! He's such a studdddd! :D

the Pistons team prior to Ben's departure was probably my favourite...
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Perakath : Yeah me too. Shaq somehow just irritates me. I wanted to mention Vince Carter but then I figured the list was already a bit much. He's amazing, the best dunker ever.

Kobe somehow I've never liked very much. He's always struck me as a very selfish player.

I loved the Pistons team too. They didnt have any big stars as such but I loved the way they played together as a team to win the title. They had the most amazing defence. I loved the Nets when Jason Kidd was there.

I used to play but nowadays I just play sporadically and just for the fun of it. I miss playing for teams. I love the whole game atmosphere and the pre-game prep and the after game talks. :(
Perakath said…
So you played school- or college-level then?

I loved Kidd in the Suns... he became too much of a star in the Nets though. Everyone loved him. I need my uniqueness :)
Gentle Whispers said…
I played until the first year junior college. What about you?

True true. But its Kidd you know, I would love him no matter where the hell he is. Dontcha just love the way, he blows a kiss at the ring before taking a free throw. So adorable and before you say it, I like him because he's a good player as well, not just cause he's cute.
Perakath said…
Actually I don't like the kiss-blowing :) I played for school but not for college.

Don't you ever get offline? (I know, look who's talking :)
Gentle Whispers said…
But I love the kiss-blowing thing.

I wondered when that was going to come up. Well basically, I woke up at 8 this morning and I was studying for my ty board exams which are on the 7ht of April. And I stopped at around two. And since then I havent been able to go back to studying. Have been reading blogs and playing PacMan on FaceBook. *Hangs head in shame*
Gentle Whispers said…
And right now I'm watching Simpsons clips on Youtube. How wasted am I!!!!
Perakath said…
I completely sympathise. I have exams in April too. And I'm going to a friend's place tonight instead of studying.

I thought they were university exams, btw, not board?
Gentle Whispers said…
Oh Yeah. Sorry, my mistake.. University. NOT board.
Homecooked said…
Hey ....what are you doing blogging instead of studying :) All the best for you exams.I am reminded of my studying days and I used to be a mess before my exams.You seem to be pretty cool! By the way are you studying to be a journalist?
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Homecooked : I can't help it. Blogging is way more attractive than studying. Seriously though, I do most of my studying really early in the morning and really late at night.

I'm pretty cool right now. But around 2 days from now, i'll be a quivering mess of nerves, which is because my exams will be exactly one week away.

And yes, I am studying to be a journalist. I don't know how good i'll be. But its what I want to do. So.......
Mynie said…
hey! I know what you mean when you say some good writing can be relieving! I do it all the time. I use my blog as the whistle of a pressure cooker, always releasing the extra stress. It helps like a bitch! I love the way you went on and on about everything that popped in your brains. That's something you must do to feel better! Great read too.
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Mynie: Yeah. You should know, Biyatch!I'm glad you liked it. And as you know I'm never as thrilled as when you compliment me. :D
Moo said…
Yayness! You're an awesome writer. So many times I'm stuck with a knotty mess of random thoughts, waiting for that one brilliant stroke of inspiration to write about. But here you come along, and make a post out of that . Hmph. No fair, says Moo. :)

Kindly keep writing and updating often. Good blogs are what lukkhas like us, thrive on. :)
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Moo : Thank you ever so much. But your gonna have to stop praising me so much. My head won't fit through the door otherwise. :P

This post was easy to write. Just wrote down whatever popped into my head. Simple enough. You should try it. It's so therapeutic.

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