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Back out in the open

It's been a while since I've written here. Over a year if you want to nitpick. And while I often contemplated several posts, somehow I lacked the drive to do it until today. I wondered if anyone was still reading me, until I woke up to the realization that primarily I write for myself and as long as I continue that, I'll be fine.

2011 was an intriguing year. One of 'mostly' ups and very few downs. I did plenty during that year - I laughed, I danced, I sang, I travelled. More importantly, I rediscovered myself. After my old job that sucked all the old soul out of me and made me cranky and crabby (yes, I can hear some of you say 'what's new').

But 2011 in some ways restored me. It made me whole again. Made me realise what's important to me and what's not.

My new job, you ask? So far so good. I'm tremendously enjoying it. It has its hard moments, but more often than not I love it and I go in to work happily every day. It's already given me so…