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Of Story-telling

At my previous job, something very important was sucked out of me: My will to write. I stopped regularly updating this blog a long time ago, but I still wrote. For myself. In little leather-bound notebooks that nobody has seen. But in the two years I worked at the old place, I slowly gave it up. Days passed in a blur of odd hours and all the daily nonsense that bogged me down. Even on the odd day I was off, I chose to do other things. I saw things that made me want to write but I didn't. Instead I kept it locked tightly inside me.

But now that I'm here. A place that I feel happier and much freer in. Where I can be me. And I can be creative and dizzy and forgetful. Where I can earnestly talk to people about where they're from. And listen to them talk about their cities and their countries. And I tell them, eyes shining, about India and my Bombay. And how much I love it. At my new job. I feel the urge to write again. I write in the new book bound with gilt-edge…