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The one with all the food

While I've already done the Happiness is tag once before, I've had food on my mind an awful lot lately.
I'm comfort-eating myself all the way to obesity, but I just can't bring myself to care somehow.
Anyhoo, Happiness is..
A steaming cup of tea and Parle G biscuits
Brun maska and chai
Cheese maggi (Double points if it's eaten in a ramshackle hut in the middle of nowhere in Ladakh)
Fresh off the tawa alu ka parathas dripping with butter
Mutton and cheese burger from Bembos
Fiery Mangalorean sorpotel and sannas
Tibetan momos from Dharamsala
Mashed potatoes with salt, pepper and butter
Candies classic roasted chicken
Biryani made with fragrant rice and melt-in-the-mouth mutton
Cheesy bhajji with warm buttery pav
Paya soup from Bara Handi nalli marke
Blueberry cheesecake
A jar of Nutella and a big spoon
Hot McDonalds' french fries sprinkled liberally with salt
Rajma-chawal and fried fish
Reese peanut butter cups
Mangalorean chicken curry and panpoles/Neer dosas
Chicken burnt garlic f…

Expectation leads to

frustration. And that has been a well-documented fact.
All I've ever expected from the people I know is honesty and loyalty. The guts to say something straight out. If I ask something of them and they're unable to do it, then to let me know. I'd rather be told the bitter truth to my face, then have to deal with lies and feeble excuses.
And when it does happen, I often don't know how to react, I wonder why it happens and whether what I'm asking for is just too much.
But now , being the me that I've become, I just do the simpler thing, I simply refuse to respond, I cut off all relations, until I feel ready to respond again. I put people and their issues on the back burner and I don't have anything to do with them until I feel that I care enough.
Which is not to say that I'm rude or insensitive. I'm civil enough. I just think it's wrong for anybody to expect things of me, when they aren't ready to meet mine.
Perhaps, as I've recently realised…

Blogging break

It's hard to pick up blogging again when you haven't really been in the blogging zone in a very long time.
I haven't been quite myself lately. I don't know who I am anymore or what I'm about. When events unfold, I'm unsure of what my reaction is, of what I should be doing. I torture myself wondering whether what I'm doing is the wrong thing or right.
I've changed in other ways too. I've become far more cynical and bitter. The hope and joie de vivere that once characterised me is slowly dying. I'm finding it harder and harder to talk to peopland make new friends. I'm not as easy-going and laid back as I once used to be. I'm much more harder and unforgiving than I used to be. I don't let go of issues easily. I hold grudges and that's something I NEVER used to do. I'm quite prepared to walk away from friends who've hurt me once and I'm equally prepared never to speak to them again and not make the first move.
Tellingly, I…