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If you know me at all

... you know my restlessness.

I have to have change around me constantly. I can't sit still for more than half a hour and I absolutely crave action (get your mind out of the gutter).

So anyway, I had nothing better to do and I decided I need a new template.

And so voila, I now have a new template.

I alternated between about 10-15 templates. Before I settled on one. And while it looked pretty in the sample. It was much too pink for me.

And for a girl, who has just one pink shirt in her entire wardrobe, something had to go.

And there you have it, it has some flowers. It's my favourite blue and it's pretty without being too girly.

Creating a new blogroll with about 68 people on it was quite the pain in the you-know-what though, and is probably the only thing keeping me from changing my template much more often.

I hope these flowers bring you a little cheer in the midst of the gloom of the rains.