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From the A to the Z

Continuing in my trend of stealing tags, I've whacked this one off Moo, because it just looked like so much fun.

So anyway, this is tag is called the ABC tag and because you definitely don't know enough about me already. Here goes:

1) A – Available/Single?
Single, the available depends on who wants to know

2) B – Best friend?
I don't think I have one best friend. I have several friends who are very close to me.

3) C – Cake or Pie?
Tough choice, but I think I'd have to go for the cake especially if it's blueberry cheesecake.

4) D – Drink of choice?
Gin and tonic/lemonade. Bacardi and coke, Wine. Contrary to what might come across, I am NOT an alcoholic.

5) E – Essential item you use every day?
Bag, cellphone and computer

6) F – Favorite colour?
Blue in all its shades, White, black and I have a certain fondness for purple.

7) G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?
Worms. They're delish

8) H – Hometown?
Technically Goa and Mangalore. In my heart, Mumbai

9) I – Indulgence?

10) J – Janua…

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a

They have everything for you men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys ...

So true. Well except for the part where they call us men, but we shall just let that slide, shall we?

As you read this, I'm in the outstation YMCA camp. Merrily living it up at a National Youth Camp for youth from the ages of 18 to 30 across India. I've quietly snuck off from work.

This will be my second YMCA camp in three years. The first one was in Yellagiri, a little hill station near Chennai and this one is near Pune.

I've been looking forward to this camp ever since I heard about it approximately four months ago. So please pray that I'm having a great time as I hope I am, with swimming, rock climbing, rappelling, rifle shooting, treasure hunts and campfires.

See you all on the other side.

Rooftop memories

One of my favourite places in Bombay to chill with my friends, is my friend PU's terrace in Andheri.

Located in one of the quiet by lanes of Lokhandwala, it's the perfect place to just be. I love going up there on starry summer nights with a cool breeze and three people without whom life would be incomplete.

Lying back, talking, gossiping, sharing secrets, drinking, stuffing ourselves with french fries from McDonald's, it's a place that only holds the best of memories for me.

It's magical being there and watching planes fly by. Trying to figure out where they're going, the routes they're taking, making up elaborate stories about the people within. All the while content and listening to soft giggles and whispers. Chuckles and swear words. Drawing comfort from the silence, knowing that we don't need words to communicate.

Sharing every little thought I've had. The best and the worst without fear of judgment. Bad jokes, good conversation and terrible leg-pu…

Come on Reds

So anyone who knows me, knows what a huge sports fan I am.

I watch them all, soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, Formula One. Everything.

So as I've said before, I've been watching a lot of soccer. I check every two hours to see what the latest happenings in the footballing world are. And a million other footballing websites. I try to keep my weekends clear so that I can watch as much of the Premier League as I can. I'm signing petitions that ask for more of the La Liga to be broadcast on Indian television.

Anyway, I'm guessing you've got the picture?

So from the last few years, I've been a neutral. I watched several teams and I was happy. But the more football I watched, the more I felt myself get drawn towards one team.

Liverpool FC to be precise. They're my team in a sense that none other never was. Their underdog reputation, their lack of supporters, in India I mean, the fact that people never take them or their title challenges seriously. Tha…

Making friends

I've always thought of myself as a gregarious, outgoing, friendly person. I've never had a problem talking to people. Making conversation or just breaking the ice and I've always had a lot of friends.

But lately I seem to find myself in a slump. I just can't go up there and talk to people and in the last year, I can count the number of new friends I've made on one hand and as you can guess, I'm none too happy with myself.

I've had friends through my college and school years and now moving out of my comfort zone is becoming too hard for me. I have these friends whom I know super well and whom I know I can blindly fall back on without worrying about a thing. They're my support system. They have my back and I know I have nothing to worry about.

With new friends I'll have to begin all over again. From point A. And it just seems like too much effort. Plus, people at work seem to have their own agendas and I always get the impression that with my way of hea…