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Gogoji, Aapka Ghagra

Day 02 - Favourite Movie

In a confession that often astounds friends and family, I'm not much of a movie-watcher. I rarely watch movies. It took me over a year to watch 3 Idiots, I haven't seen Sholay, the definitive movie for millions of movie-going Indians and I haven't watched Avatar and I haven't watched Casablanca, Gone With The Wind or The Godfather either. Cinemas aren't really my thing and I go for the movie to be with my friends and have fun as opposed to intently watching a film for its own sake.

But what I do watch more than occasionally on the other hand is Zee Cinema. A certain friend of mine thinks that is proof that I'm actually 90, but that's neither here or there. So if any of you out there actually watch Zee Cinema, you'll know what I do. That one of the most repeated movies on Zee Cinema is Andaz Apna Apna. Now you may disagree with me here, but I do think that that film is a cult classic with good ol' slapstick comedy.

Luckily, …

Me and you are subject to the blues now and then

Last time, despite my best efforts. Okay fine, no efforts at all. I did not succeed in carrying out the 30 Day Project and this time around I have solemnly sworn to myself that I will carry this out even if it kills me.

So then, Day 01 - Favourite song

I've never had a particular favourite song, there are just too many out there to pick just one, so instead I'll tell you one that is constantly on repeat on my iPod. Neil Diamond's Song Sung Blue. Simply because the song played on the radio late one night as we made our way home and ever since then I can't help but think of us crowded into a car singing at the top of our voices and the happy-sad feelings it evoked.

Another perennial favourite of mine is this one.

Mainly because it's Liverpool FC's anthem and even over television, it's awe-inspiring and spine tingling to watch 45,000 people packed inside Anfield singing and urging their team on and mostly because I hope to be there one day doing exactly thi…