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For times gone by, my dear For times gone by, We will take a cup of kindness yet For times gone by.

It wouldn't be a New Year, if my post looking back didn't come too late about two weeks too late.


What do I say about it? It was a strange sort of year. One that just whizzed by and I rather floated through it.

It had it's good moments and bad though.

I travelled. Especially one extremely memorable trip to Sattal in Himachal Pradesh.

I now have a great SLR camera and three lenses to go with it. I have a Blackberry and a PS3 and lots of new books.

A lot of friendships fell into place this year and I realised whom the people I can really call friends are.

2010 was a fun year and I hope 2011 betters it.

How was your year?