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Fed Express Forever

I wanted to write a post on Federer yesterday before the Australian Open final, but I got too caught up in the match and I'll just have to do it now.

Where do I begin? What a wonderful wonderful match! And yet, I wasn't that happy because Federer wasn't at his best. Visibly nervous. Double faulting. Poor first serve percentages. For last night, I will say this, Rafael Nadal deserved to win. He played and he played. He chased every ball down. Refused to give up and didn't seem rattled in the least bit.

Federer on the other hand, was visibly emotional. And I've seen him do something he rarely does ever before. Argue with the chair umpire a lot of the time.

And it absolutely broke my heart to see him cry. Roger Federer never shows emotion. Always calm, cool and collected. It's unbelievable to watch him weep. But I guess the emotion of it all was too much for him.

Nadal was king of clay. Federer of grass and the hard court. And now Nadal has taken both of those away …