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Goodbye 2007

It's the end of the year and I'm filled with weird emotions. I don't know whether I'm happy or sad and worst of all, a little bit afraid of what the New Year brings with it- The end of college life, results, my future, to study further or no? All possibly life-changing decisions and I have no idea what to decide or even how to go about deciding.

2007 has been a good idea. I don't remember quite a lot of it but I don't think anything really bad happened. All in all, it was a good year. Some good moments, some bad. Beauty, hope, love and trust and plain old fun. They triumphed over hate, ugliness, distrust and boredom.

And now 2008 is here. A New Year. Time to start afresh. Make new beginnings and approach a new year with new resolve, hope and determination. I have made a few resolutions for the New Year. None unrealistic. None unachievable. I have made a few predictable ones though.

1) I will try to lose more weight. (Come on, that had to be on the list.)

2) Don'…

Back against the Wall

I'm a fairly easy-going person. Very laid back. I don't take offence easily. I don't hold grudges and I generally forgive. I never react and if I'm hurt by something I generally don't let people see it. I live and let live. And I'm the least judgmental person around.

But lately, I've realised that these qualities of mine have led to me getting more and more hurt lately. I keep getting picked on because I don't retaliate. And it's not a recent phenomenon. Its been going on since I was a kid and continues even now. The only thing that has changed is I don't take it lying down anymore. I'm more quick to anger and demand apologies immediately like I said here.

Take yesterday for instance. I was out for a family party. All my cousins, aunts, uncles, extended family were all there. The computer was on and I thought I would just go on and see what was happening in the online world. I was barely on for five minutes when an aunt of mine came in and sai…

Things to do before I die

1) Go back-packing through Europe

2) Vist all the Seven Wonders of the World- Ancient, Medevial, Natural, Underwater, Forgotten, Modern, Forgotten Natural, Forgotten Modern, Forgotten Medevial. ( I found this website where they have a listing of all these. How many are still standing I don't really know. Anyway for those of you who are interested, this is the link

3) Watch a football match preferably a Champions League night at Anfield wearing Liverpool colours and El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

4) Watch an NBA game- The All-Star one

5) Visit a concentration camps in Germany like Auschwitz

6) Be in Germany for Oktoberfest

7) Go on the plane trip which lets you see the curve of the earth. (I saw this on Discovery. Some place in Russia apparently

8) Visit Rio Di Janeiro at Carnival time.

9) Walk down the Champ-Elysees in Paris

10) Buy Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag and a Chanel dress

11) Trek up Mount Everest

12) Participate in a game of Paintball

13) Be …

Eat, Drink and Be Slurry

It's been a jolly good Christmas season this year and I have totally enjoyed myself in every way possible.

The 24th was quite okay. Great in fact but nothing compared to the 25th. What an amazing amazing night I've had and one that will go down as my best Christmases ever!

It was at the Taj Lands End in Bandra. The dress code was strictly formal and I love that. I love seeing guys in suits. In fact for me, there's nothing hotter than a guy in a well cut suit. But I'm digressing.

They had a band that was playing lovely jive and waltz music. I heart bands. I'm definitely having one when I get married. Ten Thirty deadline be damned. Even if they get to play for only 2 hours, Play they will!!!

But the best part of the night was the alcohol. It just flowed and I got totally soaked.

Margheritas-Kiwi, Litchi, Strawberry
Blue Lagoons

And after imbibing much alcohol, I tried to be all James Bond-ish and asked the bartender for a Martini- shaken not stirred. I …

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

I've just been lazing around today reading blogs non-stop. One of which is The Compulsive Confessor and the other is the MadMomma.

And after reading them I feel woefully inadequate. They write so so beautifully in ways that I can only dream about and make me question what ever made me think I could be a writer or a journalist. Im imaging myself as so terrible no newspaper or magazine will ever hire me and I will have to work at a Call Centre. A fate worse than death. For Me at least.

But other than that, I'm jealous of the wonderful lives they seem to lead. There's so much happening and mine seems to be so totally mundane and dull in comparison. They meet so many interesting people, do so many interesting things. Even the most ordinary things in their lives are so much better than mine. With so much flair and fun and joy!!

I'm aware that is a whiny, self-absorbed post but the diet is making me kinda cranky. But don't feel too sorry for me, dear, gentle reader, tomorr…


I've decided to go on a diet and I've already hit the cravings phase.

And for the entire two days that I've been on it, I've stuck to it faithfully. And now I feel I absolutely need to eat something on my list or I will die.

I live on melodrama.

And what I'm longing for are :-

1) Potato Wedges and French Fries with extra mayonnaise on the side from McDonalds. (Theirs is the only mayonnaise I like. Anybody else know where I can get some?)

2) A large Mutton with Cheese burger from Bembos

3) Spicy Goan Sausages with plenty of freshly baked 'pav'.

4) Mutton Biryani from my friend Sarah's house.

5) Kheema Pav from Khayani near St Xavier's College.

6) Bheja Masala from Paramount restaraunt in Mahim.

7) Seekh Kebabs from the lane leading to the Mahim dargah

8) Maggi noodles with Cheese. (The only dish I cook)

9) Tandoori chicken from Bandra station

10) Mashed Potatoes and Fish from Molly Malone's Irish Pub

11) Chicken Schezwan Noodles 'Anda Marke' from my c…

Benazir Assasinated

I am in complete shock right now. Benazir Bhutto assasinated.

And I can only imagine the situation in Pakistan right now. Their country has lost a leader. Now they have no sense of direction pollitcally too. Even a postponed elections will have lost its slight sense of legitimacy with Ms Bhutto dead and Nawaz Sharif having backed out.

The Americans have lost their trump card in Benazir Bhutto and they will now look to Nawaz Sharif. A new playing ground for the elections with new rules will have to be laid down. Whether 'level' or not remains to be seen.

Pakistan is now in a state of chaos. The attack took place in Rawalpindi which is a garrison town and brings in the possibility of Army involvement. The People's Party of Pakistan and other independent organisations blame the Army.

Musharaff in the two hours since the attack has been involved in a high-level meeting in Islamabad. A state of high-alert has been declared in Pakistan and the Indian government has stepped up securi…

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming and I somehow am really not excited about it which is contrary to the way I usually feel. Normally, I'm all excited, jumping around, stuffing myself to the gills with sweets and just generally being all christmassy. I even run around wearing red, green and white.

And somehow I'm very very sad about this. I was more excited about Diwali which technically isn't even my festival. I wonder what to do. Even my christmas plans don't have me cheering up. It's all the stress I'm dealing with I guess. And it comes from the people I least expect it to- FAMILY!!

Here's hoping for a much happier New Year.

Anyway, a very Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers out there and may you have an absolutely amazing New Year ahead.

Eighteen Days From Today..

Is Christmas Eve! And I'm never going to get ready in time. But the worse is yet to come. My mum will soon embark on her annual spring cleaning spree which takes place just before Christmas and drives us all insane. But at the end of the day, seeing the house sparkling clean gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. As does putting up the tree and decorating the house, which unfortunately we will not be doing this year as we are officially in mourning.

And that's something I'm really going to miss. I love climbing up to the loft and digging through boxes and unearthing the ornaments-some of which are really old and all of which have little stories about them.

And everybody collects things for Christmas which is something I've just stumbled upon. I collect little ornaments and I almost want to weep when one of them breaks. A friend of mine collects snow globes. She has around 34 of them and normally places them all around the house and I love walking all around her house sha…

Deck the Halls

I love Christmas songs.

Love them. Love them very much.

I start feeling Christmasy as soon as I hear one- even if I hear it in July. And I love them all. Religious, traditional, modern, instrumental, pop, comedy.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Let It Snow

The Little Drummer Boy

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

The First Noel


Silent Night

O Come All Ye Faithful

Jolly Old Santa Claus

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Joy to the World

Santa Claus is coming to town

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Jingle Bells

Deck the Halls

Frosty the Snowman

Grandma got run over by a Reindeer

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

You name them and I love it.

I also love to sing them. Not that I can sing very well but I try.

P.S: The colours of this blog are a tribute to my favourite month of the year.

Cops and Robbers

I'm a believer. I believe that the government does the best job it can. That the police is one of the best in the world.

But now I've had a rude awakening from that idealistic world I live. Why? Well....

I was at a barbecue party yesterday. A party where the focus was on conversation over some amazing chicken, low music, good company, alcohol and a hookah. And we were having a good time until the police butted in.

And then things began to fall apart. They were two of them and we invited them in to look around. A guy there had a permit and it was fine. But however, most of us there were underage, yours truly included, so we had to pay them off and 300 rupees it was. All in all, we didn't feel it was that bad a sum so we let it go.

The music was shut off, the alcohol ditched. We just lounged around then, talking and smoking the hookah.

And it happened again.

At 5:30 a.m, and this time we were hopping mad. They walked in us, stealthily opening the gate and marching into what was cl…

Mountains out of Molehills

I've been meaning to blog about two issues for a while. I realise it might be a bit outdated but bear with me.

Shah Rukh and controversies seem to be going hand in hand of late.

One of them is the BCCI(Board of Control for Cricket in India for the uninitiated) has spoken out against Shah Rukh Khan using the cricket matches as a platform to promote his films.

He appeared at the Twenty20 finals in Johannesburg wearing a velvet shirt sporting the words 'Om Shanti Om'. After the game ended, he went on to the field and congratulated the players personally. He appeared again at the fifth ODI against Pakistan in Jaipur and the BCCI has taken umbrage at this.

"This is a much bigger platform than being on a private television station. A match is watched by the entire country, there is no better way to create recall value. We have to be understand that," said an angry official.

Ummmm. Ohhhhhhhhhk.

I do not see what the problem really is. I think Shah Rukh was just there as a g…

Om Shanti Om

I don't watch art cinema. I don't like intellectual films. Films with hidden meanings and sub-texts and innovative camera angles and lighting and the subtle language of the film. I watch films for pure entertainment. Every time I walk into a theater I want to walk back out with the knowledge that this is a movie I've totally enjoyed. That's worth all the money I've spent on it. And not some pretentious piece of crap. And in that sense I guess I'm like the great Indian public out there. I like escapism in my cinema. I want to forget everything else when I'm there. I don't want to be reminded of reality and sorrow. I want to laugh and cry my heart out.

And in that sense, Om Shanti Om was the movie for me and the rest of the public out there. It has everything I could have possibly hoped for and more. Dance, Drama, Dreams, dishoom-dishoom, dhoom-dhamaka etc. A total potboiler and a masala film.

Om Shanti Om is a movie you absolutely have to watch. It brings…

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal

I watched Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal over the weekend. First day first show in fact and it was fun. A paisa vasool movie if nothing else.

Goal absolutely belongs to John Abraham. You cannot take your eyes off him when he's on screen and he does superbly well in a film that doesn't need much histrionics.

And his smile. Its just the best. I'm a sucker for nice smiles. The kind where the eyes get all crinkly and his entire face just lights up.

Bipasha Basu doesn't have much to do in the film and is incredibly inept at what she does do. She just doesn't come across well.

The songs are pretty good. I especially loved Halla Bol. Billo Rani on the other hand is a nonsensical film and would have fitted in better in a movie about UP or Bihar. And how a bunch of footballers who are struggling to pay rent for their club manage to come up with enough money to hire dancers and a vulgar looking singer is beyond me.

The movie though doesn't do much for me. The computer animation is tack…

Hugging it Out

I need a hug. A big, gigantic, warm, supportive, loving, squishy bear hug. Something I can sink into.

There I said it. I've been feeling increasingly depressed with every moment I sit here. And the only reason I'm not turning down for the night is because I know if I do that, all I will be doing is lying on the bed, tossing and turning, and not getting a wink of sleep.

Pleasant thought.

And to a much much loved friend of mine, PG, for understanding and listening. You made me feel ever so much better. And for that, I'm very grateful.

My Famous Five

I just got this idea from another blog. To list the five things in my room, my bag and my wallet.

Random but fun.

And I love making lists.

The five things in my room:-

1) Clothes and accessories strewn everywhere.
2) Books, books and more books everywhere.
3) My cellphone Zizou and my computer Mufty.
4) All the handouts our professor gives us. And there must be hundreds of them.
5) My beanbag. It's the most addictive thing in the world.

In My Bag

1) My Wallet. *Obviously*
2) A book. Currently The Island by Victoria Hislop
3) A notebook to scribble random things in.
4) A lot of pens. Around 6 of them. Out of which 5 no longer have any ink in them
5) My sunglasses. For my diva moments which last about five seconds.

In My Wallet

1) InOrbit Mall's VIP GameCard for those times when I crave AirHockey.
2) Visiting Cards of random people that I meet and whom I think I may need to get in touch with again someday.
3) Photographs of my friends. I'm sentimental that way.
4) My Railway Pass.
5) Money. Som…

My last semester

My last semester of my last year in college begins tomorrow. Well, it officially began on the 19th, but I was delayed by my amazing trip to Kerala.

Anyway, I'm approaching this last semester with a mix of feelings. There's nervousness, anticipation, excitement, sorrow, fear and a little bit of something I can't quite seem to place my finger on.

I'm making myself the usual promises :-

I will wake up on time.

Attend lectures regularly and bunk only when absolutely necessary.

I will complete all my notes and not run around xeroxing notes two days before an exam.

I will participate in everything.

I will voice my opinion in class.

Give my best to every project I do.

And on and on...

But other than that, I have a few other things I'd like to see happen.

I want to enjoy this semester as much as I can. Throw myself into everything with wholehearted sincerity. Try out things I've either found too boring before or never done before. Fit in as much basketball as I can. Enough to pro…

Nobility and Self Sacrifice

My favourite books are novels where people rise above the ordinary and do something wonderful- the kind where a character will put himself in peril to save a total stranger.

The characters aren't perfect. They're real people who sometimes mess up. But in the end they always come through, overcoming their weaknesses to do what their hearts tell them is right.

I've always identified with those characters. I always thought I'd be selfless and noble too if I were in their situation. But I'm beginning to realise that thinking you'd do something and doing it are two entirely different things.

In creative writing class, our professor was always saying, "Write what you know- use your own feelings, your own experiences, to make your characters real."

I've been trying, but to tell the truth, lately I don't like the story.

The Flush of a Toilet

I just came across this article on the BBC website on Toilet Conferences in Delhi.

At first glance, I thought it was about different and innovative types of toilets and was meant for toilet manufacturers. However, what it's actually about is trying to provide a basic necessity for people all over the country. 40 countries are taking part trying to find a solution.

It seems in India alone, more than 700 million people lack access to such basic sanitation facilities. Thousands of children die from diarrhea and other related diseases.

And I'm sure, we're all too familiar with images of men, women, children squatting down beside railway tracks, beaches, by the side of roads, in deserted lanes, fields. Dirtying the water they drink, the places where their children play and where their "food" grows.

It's easy for us to turn around and say, "Yuck, why can't they use a toilet? Why do they have to dirty the roads?" But what we don't know is the lack of a…

My Favourite Words

I love words. I love playing with them. Rolling them around on my tongue. Repeating them over and over with different inflections and reciting them in my heads. Without worrying about their meanings and associations. Words. Pure and simple. The following is a list of my favourite words just because their words.

dance, salsa, rhythm, note, soprano, opera, inflection, defection, simile, exaggeration, stool, berth, matrimonial, joust, metabolism, haze, sojourn, opal, cancel, drape, keel, garnet, awesome, amazing, sparkle. supernatural, dole, file, apologize, roast, bake, brew, glamour, glitter, silken, shimmer, shine, stardust, mini, poop, cross, pasture, cheese, keyboard, paper, flail, handmade, loyal, purple, glimmer, glance, glaze, apple, palomino, mirage, crackle, brilliance, chance, promiscuous, bile, slate, whale, dolphin, elvis, journal, envy, fizz, lust, measles, powder, pillow, flame, fume, smog, sensual, fog, depart, arrival, splutter, rage, evocative, lyrical, humour, laughter,…

Of FireCrackers and More

I'm a sap for fire crackers. There i said it out loud. There's something about them I absolutely love. They make me feel all emotional. Not bombs though. Sparklers, flowerpots and zameen chakras are what I'm a sucker for.

Today I watched a bunch of kids ranging from the ages of 8-4 bursting crackers. The ones I mentioned above. The ones that I love. And watching the expressions on their faces are what made me feel all nostaglic. The wonder and the joy. The anticipation and the eagerness. The fear and the disappointment. The glow in their faces when they held those sparklers in their hand and tried to write their names in the air with them.

I remember all those moments and then some. And i miss them. I wish life were that simple again and that I wasn't so cynical. I remember how excited I would get whenever I knew Diwali was approaching. Lamps would go up everywhere. Schools would hold lamp making and rangoli competitions. All our Hindu neighbours would have rangolis outs…

Season's Greetings

It's that time of year again. Where one festival seems to follow the other. With weddings and parties and get-togethers and dances and phone calls and cards and emails. Family, friends, old friends, new friends, acquaintances, classmates, neighbours, relatives, random strangers . Everybody.

Everything seems bathed in this special glow.Twinkling from lamps and little strings of light put up in homes to giant blinking hoardings put up outside shops. Sales and more sales everywhere, rip-offs too. But its Diwali too special a time to worry about the little things or get in a snit over.

Firecrackers light up everywhere. Sparklers and flower pots and atom bombs and rasi bombs too. And yet nobody seems to mind or at least they pretend not to. Children run about happy and smiling. The glow in their faces mirrored in the glow of the chakras.

Markets overflow with people. Organised chaos if you will. And yet nobody seems to mind. They have people to see, sweets and clothes to buy, greetings t…

One Down- Five More to Go

Well, i got done with my first board exam today. I don't really see the point of board exams but thats another issue for another day.

Anyway it was Reporting, and while I haven't done brilliantly well. It was pretty decent. The only thing getting me down is the fact that I didn't maanage to finish my paper. Just one answer short and a loss of around 7-8 marks which when you think about it is quite a lot :(.

I've never been the fastest writer around. It takes me a while to write and I've never ever maanged to finish the lengthy papers in college. And if this first exam was an indication that I need to get my fingers in shape to finish cause to lose marks for not finishing is like the worse thing ever second only to forgetting everything- going blank if you will.

Time to hit the gym.

10 Days to Exams

I have exactly 10 days left for my exams. 10 days in which I have to study 6 subjects and which I am absolutely clueless about. And to top it all, they're my board exams. University of Mumbai exams where my answer papers go out to people who dont know me and therefore no pity marks either. Damn.

There is so much to do. Just looking at the notes are scaring the hell out of me. And now I'm too confused and too overwhelmed to even do anything except look at all the notes spread out all over my study table in disbelief and let the shock wear off very very slowly. Though by the time it wears off it'll probably be one day before my exam and I won't have time to do anything.

I can't rely on holidays either because the ever so wise examination people over at the University have decided to have 6 exams in 6 days. From the 8th to the 13th. Now, this does have its benefits in that the exams will end much much faster. But come on, ONE measly holiday would have made everything s…

What do they really mean?

Well, it's my obsession with the Twenty20 but this time its something much more serious and something I think needs to be looked at.

One of them was Shoaib Malik's statement at the presentation ceremony at the finals. Where he thanked Pakistan and 'Muslims' all over the world for their support. And that struck me as a really weird statement to make especially at an international level. Where millions of people are watching. And I'm sure a lot of non-Muslims too were supporting Pakistan and even if Pakistan had won, I'm sure a lot of non-Muslims would have again supported them and said they deserved to win.

But I'm willing to give Shoaib the benefit of the doubt. He very obviously wasn't comfortable in English and maybe what he was actually trying to say was lost in transalation. I think that he should have spoken in Hindi if that's what he was comfortable in and the presenters and commentators need to get that and allow them to talk in languages they…

Of Victory Parades and More

As any regular reader to my blog will know( and there are damn few of those) I'm currently obsessed with all things to do with the Indian Twenty20 team. And when I heard about the victory parade or rather the Vijay Rath I simply had to go.

And I'm so so glad I did. It was an experience unto itself and I guess I may have to wait another 24 years to see something like this again and by then I'll probably be too old to appreciate it.

The crowds that lined the road was humongous and the mood was very happy and excited. Passing on information on where the open-air bus was, cheering every time bikes passed by waving the Indian flag. Yelling 'Ganpati Bappa Morya'. Teasing milkmen and delivery boys whenever they took a turn they weren't supposed to. Wildly waving, every time a camera so much as moved in their direction. It was so so much fun.

And then finally the Indian Team arrived and thats when things started to get out of hand. The arrived after about 10-15 police jee…

Light Up Those Firecrackers

ICC Twenty20 World Champions- India

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

India! India! What an absolutely fantastic performance. I'm still not over it. God, I'm so so happy. I can't stop jumping up and down and my voice is now all hoarse from screaming out loud. But what a win. It's something I'll remember forever and ever. A memory to carry with me and it must be so much more exciting for those guys who actually went out there and won it for us. The balance would keep shifting and so would my emotions. I would go from absolute joy to wild hope to the depths of despair. And all in the space of a couple of overs.

My only regret is that India won by a mistake and not by a burst of brilliance as such. However on the other hand, India deserved to win. Simply because they hung in there and didn't lost their nerve. They just refused to lose.

The bowling performance by India especially RP Singh and Irfan Pathan!! They bowled their hearts out. And the fielding was superl…

Indian Innings

Well, India just got done batting and it wasn't their greatest performance ever. Wickets kept falling at a regular interval and nobody really managed to get going especially the people most of us were relying on Yuvraj and Dhoni. Sehwag was injured and so couldn't play and I think his loss definitely affected us.

Umar Gul and Mohammed Asif bowled really well and managed to keep the pressure on the Indians.

157 as a total isn't too bad though. Something like 180-190 would have been much much better though. Hope our bowlers manage to come out firing though. A couple of early wickets and we'll be back in action. It should just happen for us.


D-Day is here

The day I've been longing for is here finally. India takes on Pakistan in the finals of the Twenty20 World Cup. And I'm a bundle of nerves. Multiply that by about a billion and that's how much pressure there is on India to win today. But i would like to reiterate again that whether they win or lose. They're still champions cause they managed to reach so far and they did all it without anybody giving them even 100 to 1 odds. All this was regarded as was an opportunity for the youngesters to gain some "experience". And these youngsters managed to knock out some of their best teams on their way here. England, South Africa & Australia.
I do think India will win today cause they have the psychological advantage after beating Pakistan last time around. And Dhoni's boys always bring it when the pressure is on them.

And these are the people I think Pakistan needs to watch out for :-
1) Shreesanth:- He played beautifully for India in the last match. Figures of 4-…

Home Alone

First, let me make it clear that this post is not about the movie Home Alone 1, 2, 3 or 4. Not about how much I love it or how much I hate it. Though Macaulay Culkin doesn't look very nice now.

It's about how much I hate being at home alone in the night. It makes me feel extremely lonely and weird- kinda depressed, kinda sad and kinda lonely. And then I need to talk to people. I call people. I chat with them online. I buzz them until they reply and I cant live without talking to someone right then. Even if I'm watching the most fascinating television ever. I will still call someone and talk to them while watching TV. I have improved my multi-tasking skills though. So something good has come out of it.

And this from someone, who wants to live all alone someday. Pathetic I know. How do I come out of it though? No idea.

Any suggestions?

A Letter To Kashmir

* Just found this letter a friend of mine, Mynie had written after our trip to Kashmir where we interacted with teachers and students at the Kashmir University. Where they spoke of their angst and demanded a separate state from India and Pakistan. Mynie wrote this in response to all that we heard that and I think its one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever come across. And something that absolutely needs to be shared. *To,The people of Kashmir,All these years I have lived in illusion. An illusion that Kashmir, the Valley of my dreams, is very much a part of my country. I took great pride in it, and I believed you did too. But, a few days ago, I had raw exposure to your lives, much troubled lives. I might never be able to think by, what they say, stepping into your shoes. I might never be able to empathize entirely with your tears. I will never be able to comprehend the torture you face, the wars you wage every day and night - to rise and to sleep, to step out of your…

Simply In Awe

Well, I just watched the match. Start to finish. And it was totally brilliant. I enjoyed it totally. I oscillated between extreme joy and despair throughout it all. And at the end, I am just simply in awe. The intensity, the passion and a dazzling exhibition of cricket

Yuvaraj, Dhoni and Uthappa were simply amazing. They all batted theirhearts out. It was indeed raining sixes. And from 48 for 2 to 188 for 4 was something I never ever excepted. It was just too too good. And from then on, I knew we were in with a very very good chance.

And then Australia came out and India showed them that he who laughs last laughs best indeed. RP Singh & Shreesanth!!! What bowling!!! Spot on!! They kept the batsmen guessing and put them under a lot of pressure. Shreesanth especially!! I love that attitude on the field and it was good to see somebody give it back to Australia for once.

I must admit though, I thought our cause was lost when the score read 100-2 and Matthew Hayden batting like a man poss…

India Wins The Toss

India's won the toss and is batting first in the semi-finals of the Twenty20. Hope they're able to capitalise on what is their strength and win it. And not just win it, but thrash Australia so badly and give us something to cheer ourselves hoarse about. Pray.. Pray.. Pray... I haven't bitten my nails this much in a while.

No pressure at all.

India Through To The Semi Finals

I've been watching the Twenty20 World Cup with a lot of interest. Much more interest than I watched the 50 overs World Cup with at least. And I'm impressed. I think if nothing else, it's the Twenty20 that will give cricket a new lease of life and make it much more popular. Though I'm sure all the purists out there will disagree with me. Don't get me wrong, I love cricket in all its forms, Test, ODI's, gully cricket. Every single way. Except maybe when India is losing. Then I hate cricket from the depths of my being and I resolve to give up on cricket and just watch football!!

India's performance at the World Cup however has me absolutely jumping for joy. This is what I and I'm sure a lot of Indian cricket fans like to watch. Close, nail-biting matches and a team of young players that's hungry and determined to prove themselves. A team that comes through when the chips are down. A team that doesn't depend on a Sachin or Saurav or Dravid. Again, I…

Teacher's Day

I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework. ~Lily Tomlin as "Edith Ann"

When I was a kid, all Teacher's Day was for me was a holiday or a half-day where we got to dress up, eat snacks in schools and then go home. It held no real significance except for the odd teacher who came along once or then who made you sit up and think.

Of 10 years in school, there are just two teachers who really mean something to me. Who made an impression on me, whom I still have immense respect for and who bring back pleasant memories of school.

They were the one who pushed me to my limits, who challenged me, who taught me how to think for myself. Whom I absolutely love and adore.

My next two years in Xaviers were pretty uninspiring. No Professor who stood out or whom I vividly remember and recall.

And then Wilson's came along. And Professor Sudhakar Solomonraj. And my entire definition of teachers changed. He pushed me out of my comfort zone. Made…

Forgiving and forgetting

Relationship... relationships.... such complicated shit !!!
Why is there a category who must always feel that they are better, much better than anyone?
why cant people live a simple life...?
and why must friends be stabbed by so called friends?
and why must this category of person be so convincing?
They play with your feelings and you see yourself with doubts! You don't want to lose a friend, they are so important in this fucking life!!! But there are times when forgiveness is no more of actuality!!! when you know deep inside that you will lose it forever even if there is still love & friendship......
Because it will ruin you And why why am I still ready to be friends with that person ??? Why am I still trying after a week of not speaking ??? Am I just a glutton for punishment ? Do I love getting hurt again and again ??? What is it ?? I dont know if the person will feel betrayed. I dont know the feeling, but i know that it will surely hurt and i dont mean evil, i strived here , i tried to…

Sports in my Heart & Soul

Every time I tell somebody I want to be a sports journalist. They wonder why. Why a girl wants to do sports journalism? Why I'm not interested in maybe Page 3 or fashion journalism? What do I see in sports?

And more often than not, I'm stumped for words. I really don't know how to explain to them about how much I love sports. About how its an integral part of whom I am. Of how my life's blood is sports. Of how it's imprinted on my heart and engraved in my soul. It's a tough thing to explain. Especially to those people who've never played a sport.

I've played basketball all my life and I can't remember ever not loving it or imagine not being into it. No matter how busy I am. My life revolves around it. I'm constantly looking for information on what's happening in Mumbai, the national level and even the NBA. It's why I go to watch tournaments even when I'm not playing, so I can appreciate the skills and talents of other players who are m…

Flavour of My Hands

Yesterday after a long long time, I ate food with my hands. Typical South Indian food. Rasam, Sambhar, Rice and some kind of beetroot vegetable.

It was hard. Really hard. And if I had a choice I would never ever have done it. But now that I did it, I'm glad. It was a novel expereince. I felt extremely connected with my food. Something I never feel when I eat with a spoon. Weird but true.

It was fun too. Pouring sambhar over the rice. Picking it up in my fingers and watching half of it fall of again. Struggling to put food in my mind without biting my fingers off. Watching my friend laughing as she watched my incredibly bad attempts to eat. And also sensing the smirks of the other diners and waiters in the restaraunt

But as I walked out of the restaraunt I felt full. Not just with food but an inexplicable sense of pride at what I had accomplished. I'm going to eat a lot more with my hands now. Maybe not regularly but atleast once in a while.

Just so I don't lose my touch.

Of Friends & Memories

These days I find myself analyzing my relationship with my friends a lot. Of how much they mean and how I would be totally lost without them.

I can't even begin to explain the wonderful feeling I get when I'm with my friends and we're all laughing or talking over something. It makes my heart glow to realise how much I love these people and how my life would be totally empty without them.

I enjoy the whole process of making friends with people, of watching memories being formed. Of how random talks or messages or online conversations can be so incredibly fulfilling. The feeling I get when I wake up one day and realise what a big part of my life they've suddenly become.

Who knows what will happen 10 years down the line whether we'll still be friends or even know where the other is. Its a sobering thought. But I'm not going to think about it too much now.

I'm going to revel in every smile, cherish every hug and treasure all the late night talks and memories. Grab…

60 years of Indian Agriculture

Agriculture has been the dominant sector in the Indian economy accounting for 18% in the GDP and 60% of the population is employed in agriculture. India is second in the world in terms of farm output and despite a decline in its share in the GDP, it is still the dominant sector of the economy.In the 1950’s productivity in India was low due to illiteracy, general economic-social backwardness and slowness in implementing land reforms. Other causes were fragmentation of land and inadequate irrigation facility. However this changed with the advent of the Green Revolution with the yield per unit increasing. This happened due to the emphasis placed on agriculture in the five year plans and steady advancements in irrigation facilities and technology, the use of modern agricultural practices and agricultural credit. The realization that food security was of paramount importance led to the implementation of the Green Revolution in India from 1967 to 1978. The basic elements of the Green Revolu…

An Ode to a Mountain

Lofty peaks rising up to the sky
Caressed by the clouds, kissed by the sun,
Dusted with snow

How many tales to tell,
How many mysteries to unravel
Unparalleled beauty, Incomparable strength

Rivers and lakes, Forest and deserts,
Slopes and valleys, Sentinels and Protectors
Jewel in India's crown

Guarded and armed,
Revered and respected,
Holy of Holies

House of mortals,
Home of sages,
Abode of Gods,

Witness of the past
Testimony to the future
Statement of the present

Many mantles, one mountain

*inspiration strikes during the bus ride on the Leh-Manali route*

Sands of Time

A giant bowl of sand,
Varied, Vague
Ever changing, Forever Moving,
Giver of Life, Taker of Breath

One minute there, Next second gone
Easy to guess, difficult to predict
Impossible to conquer,
Illusion and Reality all in one

* A spur of the moment poem I wrote on the trek from Diskit to Hunder in the Nubra Valley in Ladakh*

Relationship Weirdness.

Sometimes I just like to sit back and take stock of my relationships with people. I'm not a vindictive person by nature and I don't think I have ever really cut anybody out of my life. It's just not me. I've tried to but I just haven't been able to do it for very long. Even if I'm right, I'll still be the first to call and break the ice. Sometimes I hate myself for it but most of the time I feel that "who cares who makes the first move as long as we're friends again." I can't bear to see one of my friends ignore me or not talk to me.

My relationship with some of my friends is filled with drama. We're constantly arguing, fighting, banging the phone down on each other, swearing we'll never talk to each other again. But after a little while, we talk again and I love that cause these people are like me. Once something is done with, they move on and forget what happened. About forgive, I don't really know. Sometimes though the rever…

Murder Most Foul

She stood, a small figure in front of the school notice board. With anxious eyes she searched for her number. It wasn't there. The girls around her jostled and pushed. There were screams of delight and shrieks of ecstasy. She turned away from the sounds of laughter, tears, streaming down her face.
Far away she heard the same laughter turning into jeers. Suddenly she felt imaginary eyes on her back and voices. "She's dumb. She failed." " She was never any good." "Remember in class, she sat with that stupid look."

She turned and walked the stairs to her now empty class. In the eerie silence she heard the laughter of clasmates and then her teacher's voice, " Can't you do your homework like the others do, you'll fail if you go on like this." How was she to tell the teacher that she had not understood a thing the day before to have been able to do her work at home.

" Stand outside the class will you, let the whole school know …

Mindless Ramblings Of My Mind

I dont have to remind myself that this is my space, I can write any amount of bullshit out here..just to satisfy myself, but lately I'm having problems talking about my own problems, rather.. facing them also..forget writing about them...that doesnt mean i can stop writing..i could go on and on rambling, maybe its a part of me now. Though rambling doesn't really make me forget issues that mess my mind up.

Maybe its just me.

I take things in the wrong sense. I'm over critical. I'm sometimes stupid --speak without thinking. I'm horrible in sticky situations or those which demand me to be forceful and I totally completely think too much. About everything. What, when, how..!

If i trust someone i fear I'm being taken for a ride, if i don't i fear I'm losing out on something not worth losing.

Yes yes i can already hear u loud enough--im sure some of u are saying--she needs a break.
i know i do. but i cant even seem to get that planned out, without worrying about 1…