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Eighteen Days From Today..

Is Christmas Eve! And I'm never going to get ready in time. But the worse is yet to come. My mum will soon embark on her annual spring cleaning spree which takes place just before Christmas and drives us all insane. But at the end of the day, seeing the house sparkling clean gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. As does putting up the tree and decorating the house, which unfortunately we will not be doing this year as we are officially in mourning.

And that's something I'm really going to miss. I love climbing up to the loft and digging through boxes and unearthing the ornaments-some of which are really old and all of which have little stories about them.

And everybody collects things for Christmas which is something I've just stumbled upon. I collect little ornaments and I almost want to weep when one of them breaks. A friend of mine collects snow globes. She has around 34 of them and normally places them all around the house and I love walking all around her house shaking them up until I'm asked to leave! There's something romantic about them. Another one collects those little Santa Claus caps and another one is dotty about Christmas cards.

Seems like almost everyone I know collects something or the other Christmassy.

What about you?

And don't you just love my new blog background? I do. I feel very upbeat everytime I look at it.


floyd martyres said…
i dont know wots it about is top priority ...ah my house's a mess...thers no way its gonna be ready this xmass...the situation is tense!

i dont know y...but i treat each xmass is so not too special..i dont know why...

my young bro however loves decorating the tree and stuff...ah a family tradition

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