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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

I've just been lazing around today reading blogs non-stop. One of which is The Compulsive Confessor and the other is the MadMomma.

And after reading them I feel woefully inadequate. They write so so beautifully in ways that I can only dream about and make me question what ever made me think I could be a writer or a journalist. Im imaging myself as so terrible no newspaper or magazine will ever hire me and I will have to work at a Call Centre. A fate worse than death. For Me at least.

But other than that, I'm jealous of the wonderful lives they seem to lead. There's so much happening and mine seems to be so totally mundane and dull in comparison. They meet so many interesting people, do so many interesting things. Even the most ordinary things in their lives are so much better than mine. With so much flair and fun and joy!!

I'm aware that is a whiny, self-absorbed post but the diet is making me kinda cranky. But don't feel too sorry for me, dear, gentle reader, tomorrow I'll be out with my friends, living it up and thinking about how I lead such a cool life and what cool friends I have and how everybody just wants to be me.

P.S : Does 20 count as being teenage?


??! said…
you should only try to be who you are, regardless of how much better others seem to be. And if you don't like who you are - re-invent yourself.

And hello.
Lyandra D'souza said…
??!: Hey.

Well, I just read back the post and realised how needy and depressed I sounded. But it was just a phase normally I'm pretty secure but I still go through these phases when I feel no good at all.

And as for the re-inventing process, its constantly on. Nobody's perfect after all. Even though I may seem that way. ;)

And also, it was nice to see you on the blog. Hope to see more of you here. Need all the suggestions and criticisms..

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