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Lost and Searching

I've been going through a weird phase lately. I'm just not at peace and this for me is a feeling I am not really familiar with.

Nothing around seems familiar to me. I keep looking for something more.

I am not able to sink myself into the mind-numbingness of the T.V and computer.

I'm not even able to concentrate on my books.

I'm looking around me and the mess and general untidiness in my room isn't making me feel like I'm right where I belong. I feel like I'm a stranger in my own house. I wander around, picking up things and setting things down again. I begin things and leave them halfway through. Talking to my friends doesn't enthrall me as it once did.

I need something to shake me up.

A near-death experience maybe??

Headlines Today.. Irritation Everyday

I've been watching the news to catch up with what is happening on the Harbhajan Singh issue and managed to land on Headlines Today.

After some hard news, they broadcast some footage of people dancing on the streets celebrating the removal of Steve Bucknor.

And finally to get on my last nerve. They showed a video of the Indian team's moments in Australia.

First the happy moments.

Then the sad ones with the song from Lagaan 'Chale Chalo'.

And finally some song that I really dont remember the name of meant to symbolise India fighting back..


Things like this make me want to give up being a journalist.

It's Not Cricket

India has been playing in Australia. Tests so far and contrary to my usual cricket obsession I haven't been watching it or keeping track of what has been happening.

But the little of what I have read, seems mainly to do with atrocious umpiring and racism.

The latest being Harbhajan Singh banned for 3 Test Matches after allegedly calling Andrew Symonds a monkey. A 6 hour long session was held by the match referee Mike Proctor and he ruled that Harbhajan Singh was guilty of casting a racial slur and therefore banned him.

How he arrived at this conclusion is beyond me. There is no actual evidence of his having said something like that. Proctor also paid no heed to Sachin Tendulkar who was at the crease with Bhajji at the time of the incident. Symonds's words backed by Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden was taken as the truth and the ban imposed.

Procter made a statement at the hearing, saying, "There is only one team right here." And from his judgement it is o…