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Twice as nice

This blog came into being as a lark. I had no specific ideas and no precise interest. Just plain old curiosity to see what the big deal about blogging was. I wasn't too sure of how long I'd stick to it and how many times I'd post. And while I haven't written as much as I'd like to, I've done fairly well. A lot of the time I haven't been able to do it properly, and in such situations I've given up rather than rush into it and force myself.

It's been exactly two years to the day since I published my first post on this blog and what a journey it's been. When I reached that first year, I didn't take it too seriously, figuring I'd gotten there without much effort.

But the second year around, I've put a lot more into it. I've wanted a prettier blog. I've changed templates. I've dusted and polished it and sent it out all new and shining. It's mine and I feel fiercely protective it.

But more than that, this blog has given me som…