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I'm bored and I have nothing better to do in life, which is why I'm putting up baby pictures of me. :D

I'm the mischievous one, first from the right, making the weird face. :D

My brother and me playing with our toys

A fancy dress competition where I dressed as a bunch of grapes.

And to end with so you don't think I was a terrible child, a pic of me on my first birthday. :D


A friend of mine is in a job which requires him to go incommunicado more often than not. He can't call very often. maybe about once in a couple of months and emails about once a month.

He called me a couple of days and we've been talking ever since then. Not through out, but sporadically here and there. And from today, I won't be able to call him for another couple of months and I'm absolutely wallowing in misery right now.

Yes, the fact that I'm a drama queen doesn't help very much. but I do miss him much much more than I realised and the thought that I have to stay away from him for this long is breaking my heart. I have to get used to not being able to talk to him all over again now. To not running every time I hear the phone ringing and not being able to pick up the phone and hear his voice say hello in that special little way of his. Yes I'm aware it's only 2 months more, but still. I hate it. I hate communicating via e-mail, its no match for long ph…


I've been going through a weird phase lately. Where all I've wanted to do is pick up my bag and go off into the world. With my camera, a book or two and my beloved music.

It's been eating away at me for days. It's even been my Gtalk status and I don't mean go off to Goa and stay in a luxurious hotel. I want to go to Cairo and Baghdad, to Tibet and Ladakh, to rough it out and to soak it all in.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not just craving for places outside India, I would be just as happy to visit Hampi and Khajuraho, Dharamshala and Srinagar, Annamalai and Cochin.

But what saddens me is the most, is how frowned upon that would be. For me to travel all alone. And how my parents would never allow it. I wish I lived in a country so safe, that I could travel it's length and breadth without any worries at all.

But que sera sera. And hopefully someday I'll find that perfect travel companion. Boy or girl. Whichever it is. Though I would love it if there's …


Some one told me around 3 years back, that I float from group to group. She didn't mean it in a bad way. It was just her observation when we were all talking and I have absolutely no problem with it. She's entitled to her opinion.

But all of a sudden, it popped into my head and I felt it quite deserved a post.

I'll be the first to admit. I do have a lot of friends. I have my school friends, my colony friends, my Xaviers college friends, my Wilson friends, my Wilsons basketball friends, 2 sets of friends from the place where I live in now, and a bunch of friends who don't fit into any specific group, but who are just there. And I love all of them, very very much.

I have so many friends that my mum sometimes has a hard time figuring out who I'm with and how I know them. My brother says I should have the word "Sociable" stamped across my forehead. But I love it that way. I love knowing that I have so many friends. And yes I know the difference between friends a…

Public or Private

I tried accessing someone's blog recently, only to realise that it was now private.

And since that's something I've been contemplating doing for a while now, it hit me.

I started work as you all know, a month ago. And since I sometimes access my blog at work, because I find it hard to stay away from the goings on in the blogging world for more than a few hours, a colleague of mine has noticed and has been asking for the link to my blog, which I've been avoiding rather successfully.

But sooner or later, she'll put me on the spot, and then I'll be in a quandry. I'm not worried about her accessing the blog because there are personal things she'll know about me. But because in a way, it'll take away my honesty, where else would I crib about my work and everything else, if not here.

And I'd hate for them to get the wrong impression simply because, while I might crib, I don't really let it affect me or my interactions with people. But seeing it up her…

Comments and more

I've been thinking about comments lately.

Don't worry. Not mine. Because discounting those few faithful commenters I have, it's a rare occasion for me to have commenters.

Not like the Mad Momma or the Compulsive Confessor, for whom I'm more shocked, if they get less than 30 comments on a post.

And they deserve it all, for the absolutely brilliant, incisive, honest, capture you with the first line bloggers they are.

And this isn't about how envious I am either, well maybe just a teeny tiny bit(what? I'm only human!)

But more because I wonder how they feel when they receive a comment. Me? I'm super excited, walking on the clouds would be an understatement. I rush over immediately to check out the comment as soon as I read the notification on GMAIL.

It's hard to put in words exactly what I feel but well, I just imagine them laughing along as they read comments and type in replies. Rage when a troll sends them rude comments. Cry at the more beautiful ones, what t…


Forget all the cribbing I did about work.

It's all smoothened over now.

With my first ever salary.

Until the next fracas that happens that is.