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Some one told me around 3 years back, that I float from group to group. She didn't mean it in a bad way. It was just her observation when we were all talking and I have absolutely no problem with it. She's entitled to her opinion.

But all of a sudden, it popped into my head and I felt it quite deserved a post.

I'll be the first to admit. I do have a lot of friends. I have my school friends, my colony friends, my Xaviers college friends, my Wilson friends, my Wilsons basketball friends, 2 sets of friends from the place where I live in now, and a bunch of friends who don't fit into any specific group, but who are just there. And I love all of them, very very much.

I have so many friends that my mum sometimes has a hard time figuring out who I'm with and how I know them. My brother says I should have the word "Sociable" stamped across my forehead. But I love it that way. I love knowing that I have so many friends. And yes I know the difference between friends and acquaintances.

Some of them are closer to me than others. And they all give me different things in their own very special different ways. They all have different perspectives on the very same issue.

But honestly, the thing with me is that I'm a very go with the wind sorta person. I've always , happy and the up for anything type and I don't think I've made any special effort to be good friends with anyone, it's just happened and now I can't imagine life without these people.

I go where ever with whom ever I feel I'll have the most fun with at a certain point of time. And I have no issues with it. I still try to fit in important occasions like birthdays and the rest, but other then that, it's just whatever sounds the most fun!

P.S: I've already decided what my New Year's post is going to be, dedicated to all the wonderful people in my life. :D


Homecooked said…
This post reminded me of all my friends. Its exactly as you described....various groups,different fun! When I got married atleast 1/4 of the wedding hall was full of my friends!
That's so cool. I'm kinda jealous now. You know, I am the kind who sits in the corner and prays for invisibility, when in a new group.
chandni said…
you sound suspiciously like me ;)
Mynie said…
I agree that you have a LOT of friends. A LOT! And I am happy for you. I have always wondered how you always find company to go anywhere in the world, whether shopping or movie or drinking! You really are 'sociable' and that's definitely a positive. Way to go

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