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The one with all the food

While I've already done the Happiness is tag once before, I've had food on my mind an awful lot lately.

I'm comfort-eating myself all the way to obesity, but I just can't bring myself to care somehow.

Anyhoo, Happiness is..

A steaming cup of tea and Parle G biscuits

Brun maska and chai

Cheese maggi (Double points if it's eaten in a ramshackle hut in the middle of nowhere in Ladakh)

Fresh off the tawa alu ka parathas dripping with butter

Mutton and cheese burger from Bembos

Fiery Mangalorean sorpotel and sannas

Tibetan momos from Dharamsala

Mashed potatoes with salt, pepper and butter

Candies classic roasted chicken

Biryani made with fragrant rice and melt-in-the-mouth mutton

Cheesy bhajji with warm buttery pav

Paya soup from Bara Handi nalli marke

Blueberry cheesecake

A jar of Nutella and a big spoon

Hot McDonalds' french fries sprinkled liberally with salt

Rajma-chawal and fried fish

Reese peanut butter cups

Mangalorean chicken curry and panpoles/Neer dosas

Chicken burnt garlic fried rice

Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches

Goan sausages with crusty pav

Spaghetti carbonara

Khichdi swimming in ghee


Gold medal ribbon ice cream

Spicy kheema pav with an egg fried sunny-side up on top

Millionaire brownies from Theobromas

A Double Trouble doughnut from Mad over Donuts

A juicy steak with pepper-garlic sauce

KFC chicken

Green mangoes with salt and chilly powder

Railways tomato soup with croutons

Ganne ka juice on a hot summer's day or as my brother prefers to refer to it- A glassful of jaundice

Aamras puri from Golden Star Thali

Vada pav

Dominoes cheese burst pizza

Dahi batata puri

Toffee walnut icecream biscuits from Rustomjees

Kacchi kairi golas

Slow cooked Lamb Rann masala and kali daal

Now that you know what my favourites are, tell me what's yours.


Titaxy said…
pav bhaji

ben n jerry's chocolate milkshake

choco ice cream :D
Sankoobaba said…

u have made me super hungry...which is not good as i m on diet..
Anonymous said…
Wowwww!! I should have never dropped by :-( made me ravenous and greedy now :-((((
No no, loved the post, vicariously lived all those flavours :-)
Sunshine said…
okay im hungry! and that is so not good!! im very tempted to do a similar post on my blog...shall do one for sure sometime soon! :)
Anonymous said…
Want to take it up as a tag.Otherwise it is
Fish cooked Assamese style
Garlic Cheese bread
garlic butter pepper prawn
Aam ka panna
Cream of four mushroom soup (spaghetti kitchen)
...Sigh these are top of the mind things,otherwise it is an endless list.
Chinkurli said…
I've just had lunch, and your post has made me hungry all over again :(
Roxana said…
Had to stop by to check out this person with the mammoth memory on all things Brat and Bean. And I see a food post first! What's NOT to like? :)
Of course, I can type out a llllong list of my own, but here are some of my ghar ke favorites:

- Kappa (tapioca) with reddd fish curry
- Sunday noon ka mutton curry and rice
- Sambar and beans poriyal
- Mashed bananas with milk and honey
- Idlis with chicken curry
- Idiappam with stew at Saravana Bhavan
...Ok,I am going to go finish off the remaining ice cream lying in the fridge :)
Sagarika said…
Shit Man!!! I was just hoping that I don't gorge this weekend too like the last and your post made that hope fly out of the window!!! bad girl!!! ;p!... Khidchi swmming in gheee.... aaaaahhh blisss! :D
Anonymous said…
Gosh,I am hungry just reading the 1st item off your list :) Superb list. I think except sushi...the others could very well figure on my list too!
Homecooked said…
Gosh,I am hungry just reading the 1st item off your list :) Superb list. I think except sushi...the others could very well figure on my list too!
~j~ said…
Noting all those down and making it my to-eat list :) even though some I've already done.

Mouth-watering post!
Kaushal said…
I'll remember not to read your blog at 11:30 in the night watching footy... wouldn't get over the food cravings.. Juicy Cheeseburger, with fries on the side own me!

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