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One Month

It's been a month since I've started work. And I'm not quite sure whether I like it or no yet.

On some levels, I like it. Despite the ruined Saturday nights, when instead of living it up, I'm stuck inside a cold office, working my butt off till at least 11:3o in the night.

I enjoy the work. It's fun and challenging and there's something new every time I go out on a story. I've learned so much I never knew a month ago. I know how to assign stories, to pull from the system. To communicate to the photographers exactly what pictures I want. To sub-edit stories and talk to people and get my work done.

I've gone on my first ever press conference and had sushi at the ITC Sheraton. Met my first sets of pseudo stars and covered a wider genre of articles than I could have thought possible.

In short, judging by the work aspect I love it.

What I don't like however, is the work atmosphere. There seems to be a lot of behind the back bitching going around, that I'…

All about Me.. (and my Work)

I got tagged for this by Homecooked ages ago. And I should probably be shot for not doing this earlier but I plead a hectic work life and a recurring problem of chronic laziness. :D

Anyway, here goes

I am: dreading the thought of work tomorrow.

I think: I should go to sleep now.

I want: to skivvy off work tomorrow.

I have: ummm... lots of work to do???

I wish: I didn't have any work to do.

I hate: colleagues who bitch.

I miss: Wilsons

I fear: getting fired.

I feel: lazy

I hear: my dad on the phone

I crave: chocolate.

I search: for my 2GB pen drive

I regret: lending my 4GB pen drive to my friend

I love: Sundays. My one day off.

I care: for the people and issues I feel are important

I am not: ambitious and pushy.

I believe: in the people I love.

I dance: whenever the mood takes me.

I sing: badly but off and on.

I cry: way too often lately.

I fight: only when I feel truly wronged and offended.

I win: sometimes

I lose: my keys

I never: force my opinions on other people.

I always: buy popcorn at movies.

I confus…

One year...

of being a blog.

Yesterday was my blog's first birthday. And I'm quite speechless and I don't know what to say really.

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly I've gotten out of this blog. And to say things that I haven't said before.

But I'll try. Mostly I've used it as a space to vent and rage, to talk about issues and things that most probably people wouldn't want to listen to, to unabashedly give my opinions and pass judgement when I wouldn't really give them otherwise.

Thank you blog.

Tri-colour Flying High

My day began with an sms from Times Now saying, India wins first ever individual gold. Abhinav Bindra creates history at the Olympics. Catch the breaking news on TIMES NOW.
I don't think I've ever been so glad to recieve an sms from TIMES NOW.

I raced out of bed and switched on the TV and kept flipping from channel to channel to catch glimpses of Abhinav Bindra.

As the opening day of the Olympics came closer and closer, I got more and more excited. And I pretty much watched the Olympics opening ceremony with a heavy heart wishing I could be there.

But all of that aside, I kept hoping secretly that the Indian contingent would win a handful of medals and come back. And not just a solitary bronze. I even meant to post about it but I was busy with work type things, y'know?

I didn't voice my hopes though cause I pretty much knew that people would be violently disagreeing with me and pointing out what an optimistic person I am and how I need to wake up and see the reality.

But wit…


As you may know, if you've been reading my blog , I started driving classes more than a month ago. I've been going for classes ever since then fairly regularly with a few missed classes here and there.

Anyway, my driving test was on Wednesday. For which I was supposed to present myself at the driving school at nine thirty which I did. And we set off in a sumo for the RTO at Mumbai Central. It was a rainy day and the entire time we were there, it poured. After waiting for a couple of hours, 8 other people from my driving school and me were given our forms and taken to an office, where we were made to submit our forms.

And the next thing I knew, they told me that the test was done with, passed had been written on the form without any actual test being conducted. And I would get my license in a couple of days, which I did today.

And I for one, am extremely disappointed by the whole process, it strikes me as really sad that this is the system which we're living in. Imagine if I t…