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All about Me.. (and my Work)

I got tagged for this by Homecooked ages ago. And I should probably be shot for not doing this earlier but I plead a hectic work life and a recurring problem of chronic laziness. :D

Anyway, here goes

I am: dreading the thought of work tomorrow.

I think: I should go to sleep now.

I want: to skivvy off work tomorrow.

I have: ummm... lots of work to do???

I wish: I didn't have any work to do.

I hate: colleagues who bitch.

I miss: Wilsons

I fear: getting fired.

I feel: lazy

I hear: my dad on the phone

I crave: chocolate.

I search: for my 2GB pen drive

I regret: lending my 4GB pen drive to my friend

I love: Sundays. My one day off.

I care: for the people and issues I feel are important

I am not: ambitious and pushy.

I believe: in the people I love.

I dance: whenever the mood takes me.

I sing: badly but off and on.

I cry: way too often lately.

I fight: only when I feel truly wronged and offended.

I win: sometimes

I lose: my keys

I never: force my opinions on other people.

I always: buy popcorn at movies.

I confuse: friendship and love.

I listen: to all the endless love sagas.

I can usually be found: at home or at work or some where in Bombay.

I am scared: of losing out on the people I love.

I am happy about: everything in general, even my work.

I tag Neha.

Also, I apologise Homecooked for the work obsessed tag, but this has pretty much been the only thing on my mind for the last one month. I'll do a better job next time I swear!


Homecooked said…
Finally you did it :) Pardoned for the work inspired tag! I can only imagine your state of mind.

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