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Of babies and more

I saw this post on Moo's blog and my total lack of imagination has led me to stealing an idea from her. I've hit new levels of pathetic. Along with new levels of melodrama. Anyway, this post made me think because maybe even a year or so back. I would have been right in there, shaking my head vigorously agreeing with her. I was the baby hater. I couldn't stand whiny, crying babies with a lot of demands. I was so anti-baby, that I even told my back up friend, y'know back up friend? Anyway, I made it clear to him from the very beginning that as and when we were married, we would adopt and not young babies but kids who were at the very least four years old.

I cringed when babies entered trains anticipating loud yells and an end to the peaceful ride home. I detested kids who entered buses and had to be given seats. Babies in shopping malls and theaters. Which is why my next statement will come as a big shock to a lot of people.

I've crossed over to the other side. *hang…

Of Stereotypes and more

All our newspapers are full of how the accused behind the recent blasts in the country are well educated young men. Working with software giants like Yahoo!

Our policemen though, it seems are still to get the message. What else would explain the persistent checking at railway stations of shabbily dressed men carrying large bags and suitcases. While the relatively better dressed and much more educated looking aren't even subjected to a cursory glance.

What about women, you ask? Nada. Zilch. Nothing. The police force seems to think of women as being incapable of anything even remotely related to violence.(I don't think they've seen the fights at peak hour). But that aside, I have never ever seen a woman checked and often when I'm carrying a huge bag, I dawdle past the police desk in the hope that I'll be checked and I've never been questioned or even gazed at suspiciously.

In Palestine and Israel, Italy and Chechnya women are being used increasingly as terrorists as…


Parents are a weird sorta people.

My case in point, when I was in college and school, the popular refrain around here was "You can do whatever you want to when your working and earning your own money."

Fair enough. And I waited breathlessly until the moment I earned my own cash (which I'm now regretting I might add, I prefer the comfort of college)

Anyway, as you all know, I'm working now.

Now however the new dialogue around here is 'As long as your living under our roof, you'll do as we say"