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Who's your pick?

In keeping with my ongoing obsession with the Euro Cup, I've created a poll on who the hottest footballer is. And you'll see if you look at the right hand side of the page.

If you wanna know what they look like, check this post out.

So what are you waiting for?? Start voting !!!

Football Football Football

Contrary to my usual basketball obsession, I've been living and breathing football lately thanks to Euro 2008 and its even eclipsed the NBA finals which I have just been following sporadically. And I just had to blog about it.

I'm supporting Portugal, Spain and Italy in that order. And while Portugal and Spain qualified comfortably, Italy just managed to squeak through with a 2-0 win over France.

Italy though are mentally and physically strong and I'm sure they'll manage to raise their game up before the next match. Though they are playing Spain. Whom the hell do I support? Spain or Italy? Spain or Italy?

Though I would love Portugal to win, they're my favourite team in this Euro Cup, I don't think they'll win. I don't think they really have it in them to win. Much as I hate to say it.

While I'm supporting these 3 teams, I haven't yet written off the Dutch who are playing "Joga Bonita" football. They are a joy to watch. Pure poetry and ev…

End of an Era

I haven't been really interested in blogging lately. Yes, I know after all the talks I gave about being addicted to blogging, I should probably be shot dead. But while I still read blogs regularly I haven't really been interested in blogging myself. Until today that is, I came across a beautiful post at Mynie's blog. And I was immediately inspired to post.

I know I've said that I miss college a lot about a million times before. But this seemed such a nice way to do things, to list out exactly what I miss about college. And while, I can't think of ever bettering that list. Cause she said pretty much all of it, I'm just going to try and fill in the gaps.

I miss the anticipation of waiting for the watchman to ask for my ID, the moment I set foot inside the gate.

I miss running down to the basketball court every five minute break between lectures to see if anyone was playing.

I miss the guy at the BMM office, who pointed to the notice board every time we asked him abou…

Battery Down

I've always been someone who has looked forward to the new day. It's been a very rare occasion indeed when I've woken up and thought that I didn't want to go to school/college or do anything for that day.

I've jumped out of bed, ready to face the new day. Ok fine. I've crawled out of bed, but I'm sure you've never seen it done with such enthusiasm.

But lately, I'm experiencing a supreme disinterest. I don't wanna face a new day. I just wanna lie around in my bed and do nothing. Meet nobody and do nothing.

And quite frankly, I'm scared.


This post is officially my 101st post. And while I have a long long way to go before I reach a 1000, I am ecstatic and proud.

And I am excited at some levels and at some, I can't believe that I've actually reached a 100 posts, in the 10 months since my blog has begun.

What astounds me though is how integral blogging has become to my life. I have begin to contemplate every little thing as a potentially blog worthy issue.

And I have another admission to make. Huddle in close. *Whispers* I am a blog addict. *Stops for shocked gasps.* Really ! * Stops again to allow information to sink in*

There are blogs I have to read at and it gnaws away at me if I don't. I contemplate all the stuff I'm missing out on while I'm away and the huge amounts I'll have to read. I agonised over the fact that I wouldn't be able to read Moo's hilariously fun blog posts or salivate over Homecooked's delicious food. I felt dreadful about the fact that I wasn't here when it was…

Half Way There

The mystery I spoke about in my last post has almost been cracked. We're half way there to figuring out the truth and even if I do say so myself, we're GOOD.

We brought in another friend, so now its me, SR and JF. Why you ask? Because JF, has the best contacts this side of the world, and we wouldn't be able to put a lot of pieces into place without him and his talent for sniffing out information

It took us exactly one hour to figure out a significant part of the story. Beginning with my MSN conversation with P's supposed boyfriend. On very careful and extremely subtle questioning on my part,(you would be proud of me, Moo), he told me that P and he have broken up and not less than two days ago. At which point, thanks to the magical power of the telephone, we began calling sources. And one informant turned out to be a goldmine, now we know that they broke up because P found him too possessive. *rolls eyes*. How convenient, don't you think?

And that sure as hell coincide…

Just call me Nancy Drew

In completely unrelated news to any of my previous posts, I am indulging in some detective work. And before you say, Wtf? Let me explain.

A friend of mine by the name of E has been acting very suspiciously lately. He's constantly on his phone, messaging a certain girl and talking to her on the phone and running to meet her.

And while he insists that they're just good friends. We aren't falling for it. And the very fact that he's hiding it from his two closest friends is very shady in itself.

Now the girl in question, let's just call her 'P', supposedly already has a boyfriend. But nobody knows for sure, whether they're still dating. And I think that's whats stopping my friend from telling us what the scene is. But we're pretty sure, that if it comes down to E and the other guy, P will pick E, because that's the kind of wonderful person he is. Even a blind person would pick him.

Also, to add fuel to the fire, we have a very strong feeling that t…


I have exciting news.

Well exciting for me anyway.

I have as of today been published. One of my articles was taken by YUVA. It's a relatively new newspaper targeting the youth and I for one think it's pretty cool and no I am not biased just because they published my article.

I wish I could link up the article here. But they don't have an online edition yet. So your'll will just have to be content reading the blog version.

Update on Let It Be

In my last post, I whined about a stand-off that I had with a friend. So thought I'd bring you guys upto speed on whats happening now.

The very night of the day, I put up that post, we were all sitting around, talking, drinking and eating in celebration of a friend's birthday. When I decided that I'd had enough and I couldn't bear the fact that he wasn't talking to me. And everybody knew what was going on and there was a chill in the air. And I just couldn't have fun. While knowing that he isn't talking to me. So totally going back on what I'd promised myself. I went up to him and spoke.

Yes yes. I know. I'm a weak, spineless creature.

And his reason? I wasn't talking to him so he wasn't talking to me back. But anyway I couldn't really care less cause now we're talking.

But things aren't back to normal yet. We're both still a little bit colder with each other than we were. And while I know it'll take a while for things to be …