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This post is officially my 101st post. And while I have a long long way to go before I reach a 1000, I am ecstatic and proud.

And I am excited at some levels and at some, I can't believe that I've actually reached a 100 posts, in the 10 months since my blog has begun.

What astounds me though is how integral blogging has become to my life. I have begin to contemplate every little thing as a potentially blog worthy issue.

And I have another admission to make. Huddle in close. *Whispers* I am a blog addict. *Stops for shocked gasps.* Really ! * Stops again to allow information to sink in*

There are blogs I have to read at and it gnaws away at me if I don't. I contemplate all the stuff I'm missing out on while I'm away and the huge amounts I'll have to read. I agonised over the fact that I wouldn't be able to read Moo's hilariously fun blog posts or salivate over Homecooked's delicious food. I felt dreadful about the fact that I wasn't here when it was the 's Brat's birthday and that I didn't send the MadMomma an e-mail, wishing the Brat in advance.

Yes I agree. I have turned fairly psychotic since I hit 21.

But I can't imagine living without blogging now. It's my outlet. Every time I feel angry or happy, frustrated or ecstatic, all I do is come here and vomit it all out. That's it. Instant relief.

It's like my best friend, except that I don't have to listen to bitch it about its trouble and this blog is the best listener I could ever have found.

It gave me new friends, reconnected me with old ones, acquainted me with a world I might never have encountered otherwise and for this I am grateful.

And this post would be incomplete if I didn't mention some very important people. For all of you out there, who read my blog and comment and to those who don't comment as well, Thank you very much. This blog wouldn't be half as much without you guys.


Moo said…
Teeheehee! I'm tickled pink! :D I sooo agree about all the sentiments towards your blog! And *gasp*! 100 posts in 10 months? I don't think I've reached that much in 2 years! :(

Thanks so much for sending me link love! ;) And keep writing, Ms. Sleuth!
the mad momma said…
awww.. congratulations. and thats alright sweetie. what the brat dont know, we aint telling!
Homecooked said…
Yay.....100 posts already done! Wow...congratulations.So where are you taking us for a party :) And thanks for mentioning my honoured!
Over Rated said…
Hey congrats ..... on 100 posts and on officially being published (i know i'm a bit late ..but...)

and i completely agree .. blogging is really addictive .... and nothing is more cathartic ....
neha said…
hey there..congratulations! ;)
wanderingalone said…
liyandra thanx for dropping a comment ya!
i really loved ur blog!! u have a beautifully expressive language.....
n i guess i'm gonna b addicted too.......i love doin this...
Xorkes said…
Hey lyandra,
whoops.. 100 already.. Wow.. Thats pretty fast ah.. Congrats :-)

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