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Helping Real Oviedo

A while ago, I published on this blog my bucket list. The 30 things I would like to do before I die. Now, contrary to perception, this is not a definitive list and I keep adding items on it to with a regularity that stuns those who know me well.

My love for football been a well-documented fact on this blog so I shall not go into it in detail and drive away the very few readers I have left. And this very love for the game is why I'm oftenest to be found on Twitter discussing, debating or even arguing on all things football related.

And recently, my favourite football writer Sid Lowe made several impassioned pleas on Twitter to help save his club Real Oviedo. A team in the third tier of Spanish football.

How could we help? By buying shares at approximately €10.75 each and help raise €1.9 million and let the fans take over the club which has seen financial mismanagement bring it to the brink. 

Why help Real Oviedo? Because despite their recent troubles, Real Oviedo have a rich hist…