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Twice as nice

This blog came into being as a lark. I had no specific ideas and no precise interest. Just plain old curiosity to see what the big deal about blogging was. I wasn't too sure of how long I'd stick to it and how many times I'd post. And while I haven't written as much as I'd like to, I've done fairly well. A lot of the time I haven't been able to do it properly, and in such situations I've given up rather than rush into it and force myself.

It's been exactly two years to the day since I published my first post on this blog and what a journey it's been. When I reached that first year, I didn't take it too seriously, figuring I'd gotten there without much effort.

But the second year around, I've put a lot more into it. I've wanted a prettier blog. I've changed templates. I've dusted and polished it and sent it out all new and shining. It's mine and I feel fiercely protective it.

But more than that, this blog has given me some lovely thoughts to read. And in these two years, my learning has grown and evolved, while my ego lies shattered.

The POA for the third year?

None as of now. We'll just see where it takes us.

To all my readers, thank you for your support and interest. It's what pulls me back here every time and keeps me blogging. I'm glad you enjoy this place.

Also, a two year anniversary deserved a new template, don't you think?


Sunshine said…
congrats on the 2 yrs! :) and nice template! ive got to change mine as well...*sigh* where is the time to do stuff i really want!
Sunshine said…
and u know what i really love abt ur template! ur links! uve got some really good blogs up there! :)
Homecooked said…
Congratulations!!!! Wheres the party ;) The new template looks good...just a little difficult for old eyes like mine to read. Maybe you can update all the text in bold....just my 2 bits...hope u dont mind.

Otherwise how are things with you. No new posts for quite a while. Have u decided whether u want to study or work :)
Xorkes said…
Hey congrats babes! :-) hz life? look. I've been away for a while from the blog world and so many things look different. congrats on the two years...and look forward to knowing you more over the next few :)

dropped in to say Hi!
workhard said…
WOW!!! 2 years..


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Gentle Whispers said…
@ Sunshine: I know what you mean. The talent that some of these people just fills me with awe.

@ Homecooked: You know I always appreciate your opinions and comments and on further thought I agreed with you, which is why the change. On my studying or working however, I'll have to do a whole post for that. There's no way I can do it justice here.

@ Xorkes: Thank you! I've been pretty good. Where have you been keeping yourself?

@ A: I was wondering where you'd gotten off to. I'm glad you liked it. And the feeling is entirely mutual.

@ Workhard & Sankoobaba: Thank you!
Bhaski said…
hey happy 2 year anniversary and congrats! keep writing and putting down your thoughts/emotions on the wall... as i know you don't do it otherwise ;-) love ya muah!
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Bhaski: Awww. I love you too.
Mynie said…
Amazing template. Lovely occasion. I am so proud of you and your blog. Lots of love and keep it going!

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