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Eat, Drink and Be Slurry

It's been a jolly good Christmas season this year and I have totally enjoyed myself in every way possible.

The 24th was quite okay. Great in fact but nothing compared to the 25th. What an amazing amazing night I've had and one that will go down as my best Christmases ever!

It was at the Taj Lands End in Bandra. The dress code was strictly formal and I love that. I love seeing guys in suits. In fact for me, there's nothing hotter than a guy in a well cut suit. But I'm digressing.

They had a band that was playing lovely jive and waltz music. I heart bands. I'm definitely having one when I get married. Ten Thirty deadline be damned. Even if they get to play for only 2 hours, Play they will!!!

But the best part of the night was the alcohol. It just flowed and I got totally soaked.

Margheritas-Kiwi, Litchi, Strawberry
Blue Lagoons

And after imbibing much alcohol, I tried to be all James Bond-ish and asked the bartender for a Martini- shaken not stirred. I kid you not. Whereupon the bartender gave me this really weird look kinda like Wtf? But in my happily tipsy state I failed to retaliate.

I even succeeded in falling on my butt on the crowded dance floor but with my uber coolness I managed to make it seem like a never seen before dance move.

And if you believe that you will believe anything.

The rest of the night you ask? Pretty much a blur!!

P.S : I'm on a blogging roll. 4 posts in 6 hours. Not bad. Not bad at all. I'm hoping this lasts though. In fact, I've already got a resolution for the New Year. At least 10 posts a month.


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