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The Number Tag

I have been looking for an interesting issue to blog about for a while. Something that gets my creative jucies flowing. And nothing has really come along in a while. Or something comes along and fizzles out when I actually sit down to blog about it.

Anyway, I saw this on Whiny the Moo's blog and the moment I read it, I knew I had to do it and even though I wasn't exactly tagged for this, I'm still going to do it because I am utterly shameless and I also have nothing better to do. :)

Ten Things you wish you could say to people write now (without taking their names) :-

1) I am NOT going to turn off the T.V.

2) I love you. I really really do.

3) Go soak your head.

4) Leave me alone.

5) I want to know your real name in a strictly non-stalker sense.

6) Do you really love me or are you just saying it cause I'm saying it?

7) Wake up and smell the coffee!! She's just using you until someone better comes along.

8) You didn't really think I was going to tell you the truth, did you?

9) Stop whining and moaning about your break up. Maybe she cheated on you cause your such a clingy, possesive, whiny, drama queen.

10) Your voice sounds like Marge Simpson on helium.

Nine Things about Yourself :-

1) I am terrified of being alone and have this fear at the back of my mind permanently that my friends don't really like me.

2) I am addicted to the Internet. I can spend entire days on the computer and not be bored.

3) I have a shoe fetish.

4) All the folders in my computer have to be arranged in neat little categories and in thumbnail format. I also keep refreshing the computer and actually believe that the computer gets refreshed. I visualize the computer getting de-stressed everytime I click refresh.

5) I have to eat in McDonald's at least once a week.

6) I have more guy friends than I do girls. All of my best friends are guys. I'm more of a guy's girl than a girl's girl.

7) I have to have a window seat in the bus. I get really bad tempered otherwise.

8) I love traveling by bikes. Unleashes my wild side.

9) I can sit by the seaside for hours just watching the waves.

Eight Ways to win my Heart

1) Make Me Laugh

2) Be able to make intelligent conversation

3) Be good at sports( this one's just for the guys :D)

4) Think that I 'm wonderful as I think I am and tell me that too.

5) Be honest with me( except in the above situation)

6) Laugh at the stupid things I do

7) Be generous with time, self and money.

8) Read.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1) I am so going to fail.

2) Does this t'shirt make me look fat

3) I HAVE to write a blog about this.

4) How do I find out what the real story is?

5) What bullshit ?

6) How come I didn't think of that?

7) Such a loser.

Six Things you wish you never did :-

1) Messed around ( Exactly what, I am not going to mention on this blog)

2) Shut up when I should have spoken up

3) Joined Xaviers and Left Xaviers ( Is a mixed blessing)

4) Gotten that allergy to prawns at Ling's Pavilion

5) Made friends with one certain person

6) Read' The Inscrutable Americans' by Anurag Mathur & 'Everything Worth Knowing' by Lauren Weisenberg

Five Turn Offs

1) Lack of conversational skills

2) No sense of humour

3) Lack of a brain

4) Boasting

5) Selfishness

Four Turn Ons

1) Love for animals

2) A sharp wit

3) Being Sporty

4) Nice smiles

Three Things to do before I die :-

1) Visit London & Paris and other places I can see the Northern Lights from

2) Backpack through Europe

3) Visit all the seven different types of wonders

Two Smileys that describe me :-

1) :-D

2) :-P

One Confession

1) I can't live without chocolate. Like, I'm really going to reveal a deep dark secret here!!

I tag :-

Whoever wants to do it.


Moo said…
Wowee!! Fun fun!! Damn, I was dying to tag you, especially since I knew you'd take it up (and the others wouldn't). But I thought I'd read this in your archives somewhere, so you'd already done it. (seriously you should go check...WHY do I still think you've done this tag before?) :( Damn!! So sorry. Anyway, wasn't it fun doing this? :) So glad you've honoured me with acknowledgements and all the good stuff! :P

Keep writing...

P.S. No. The 'writing' bit wasn't for you. When have you ever said I don't write well? :-S Thanks a ton, anyway. :)
Nirmal's Blog said…
thanks 4 cuming.......
and how can u write this much about u ....???
well i guess now i knw u as whole....lols..
nice blog u have got..
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Moo : It's ok. I forgive you. :P. And no I haven't done this tag before. But never mind it's all cool. :D

The tag was awesome fun. I loved doing it and when I can't think of anything else to do, tags are the best. I love introspecting and coming up with things like that. Is fun. :)

And yes, I know about the writing thing, just thought i'd clear it out.

@ Nirmal : It's easy when your as self-obsessed as I am. But seriously, when I can't think of anything else to write about, tags are the best option and I also love introspecting which always surprises me somehow cause I realise things about myself, that I didn't know before.

Thanks for dropping by :)
the mad momma said…
i wanna do it too!!!
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Mad Momma : Go right ahead. I would love to read what you come up.

Especially the 10 things you wish you could say to people. Quite sure there will be some zingers.

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