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'THE' Places to Visit

Okay Fine. I know there is no actual point to this. But I still want to do it. For myself. This blog has been more about me and for me than for readers out there. For me to talk about my hopes, dreams, disappointments, ideas, memories or whatever I bloody hell feel like.

So here goes. Places I hope to visit someday not limited to anything.

And excuse me if some of them were on my eight places to visit someday list.

1) London- This one always tops my list.
2) Venice
3) Florence
4) Budapest
5) Athens
6) Rome
7) Vatican City
8) Amsterdam
9) Hawaii
10) San Francisco
11) New York
12) Paris
13) Madrid
14) Bucharest
15) Barcelona
16) Sicily
17) New Zealand
18) Jamaica
19) South Africa
20) Egypt
21) Mecca
22) Israel
23) Tokyo
24) Vietnam
25) Tibet
26) The Siachen Glacier
27) Lakshwadeep Islands
28) Sydney
29) Scotland
30) Moscow
31) St Petersburg
32) Las Vegas
33) Alaska
34) Quebec City
35) Nice
36) Naples
37) Rio Di Janerio
38) Peru
39) Prague
40) Milan
41) Havana
42) Hyderabad
43) Lagos
44) Phuket
45) The British Virgin Islands
46) Sarajevo
47) Belarus
48) Brussels
49) Mount Everest
50) Munich
51) Montreal
52) Cologne
53) Bahamas
54) The Great Barrier Reef
55) Miami
56) Berlin
57) The Brazilian Rainforests
58) Bermuda
59) Beunos Aires
60) Vienna
61) Phnom Penh
62) Santiago
63) Copenhagen
64) Helsinki
65) Baghdad
66) Seoul
67) Beirut
68) Mexico
67) Monaco
68) Monte Carlo
69) Portofino
67) Cote D'Azur
68) The French Riviera
69) Portugal
70) Oslo
71) Warsaw
72) Stockholm

And while it may seem like I have listed more than half the places in the world, I have not. There are 195 Official countries in the world and I have named only 72 places. Some of them from the same country.

So there.


Homecooked said…
Wow...impressive list!!! I hope you get to see them all some day.Of your list I can say London,San Francisco and Las Vegas are my favourites.
Gentle Whispers said…
@Homecooked : You've been there. I am mucho jealous. Especially of London. I have an endless fascination with that city.
Desiderata said…
So nice to see your blog... It's really impressive..... you have so many dreams... Give form to them... Visualize them... feel them.. one day you ll be there.. Do not ask how? But live in your dreams... You ll bring them into reality.... Wonderful Blog.... keep posting...
Homecooked said…
Yup,I am lucky enough to have seen these place.I loved London,reminded me so much of Bombay!And I pester my husband to take me to Vegas all the time: I just love to go to the casinos and look at their grandeur.Its really something and most importantly I stay just one hour away from San Francisco,so I get to go often.I love San Fran.Great city!

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