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The 8x8 Tag

I was tagged for this by Homecooked. And it seems rather interesting so thought I'd take it up. Here goes.

8 Things I am passionate about:-

1) Reading- I love books. And like I said in an earlier post, I can read anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

2) Basketball- My stressbuster. I've loved it for the last ten years and I don't see the interest going away anytime soon.

3) Friends- My friends are my biggest support system. The people I can tell anything and everything to without the fear of being judged.

4) Family- Family is well, family. What more can i say. The only people who can probably stand to be around me 24/7 and also take my temper tantrums. My parents, brothers, cousins et all.

5) Travel- Travel has taken on a whole new interpretation for me after I joined Wilson College. I've seen Ladakh, Kashmir, Dharamshala, Amritsar and Meghalaya's next on the list.

6) Writing- Writing keeps me sane. Another stress reliever. This blog saves me money on psychotherapy.

7) Food- I love food. The spicier the better.

8) Life- I know this is a little bit cheesy but what to do I am like that only.

8 Things to do before I die:-

I know I've done this post before but considering around two and a half people read it. I'm going to do it again.

1) Backpack through Europe
2) Watch Roger Federer play in a Wimbledon final
3) Be published in the New Yorker or the Economist
4) Be in Germany for Oktoberfest
5) Watch the NBA All Star game from floor seats.
6) Visit all the seven different types of wonders of the world- Modern, Natural, Underwater
7) Get a tattoo
8) Learn to fly a plane

8 Places to see before I die :-

As was evident from this post, there is a long long list of places I want to see. But I'm allowed just Eight so....

1) London
2) Venice
3) Amsterdam
4) Galapagos
5) Vatican City
6) The Serengeti
7) Paris
8) Any place I can see the Northern Lights from

8 Things I say often:-

1) What's your problem?
2) Damn
3) What the f***
4) Shut up! Really?
5) You know what?
6) How rude!
7) What shit
8) Whatever/ Yeah Right

8 Books I have recently read or I am reading

1) A Thousand Splendid Suns- Khaled Hosseini
2) Everything Worth Knowing- Lauren Weisenberg
3) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows- J.K Rowling
4) The Kiss- Danielle Steele
5) How Starbucks Saved My Life- Michael Gates Gill
6) Archie Double Digest. :D
7) The Family- Mario Puzo
8) Vendatta: Lucky's Revenge and Dangerous Kiss- Jackie Collins

8 Songs I like to listen to over and over :-

1) Fields Of Gold- Sting
2) Let it Be- Beatles
3) Walking on Sunshine- K.C and the Sunshine Band
4) Time of Your Life- Dirty Dancing
5) Lean on Me- Rockapella
6) It's Probably Me- Sting and Eric Clapton
7) Aanewala Pal- Golmaal
8) Ten Guitars- Engelbert Humperdink

8 Things that attract us to our friends-

1) Conversation
2) Sense of Humour
3) Honesty & Trust
4) The Uncontrollable Craziness
5) Love and Support
6) Generosity
7) Exuberance
8) The ability to do random things with them. (I love randomness)

8 people I tag to take this up :-

Yes, I know I've tagged more than 8 people. 11 to be precise. But what the hell. It's my blog and I'll do whatever I want.

And I tag, the Mad Momma, Mynie Moe, Ace, Xorkes, The Juiceman, So Damn Cool, Ms Cute Pants, Neha, Tasha, PJ.


Homecooked said…
Thanks for doing the tag.Enjoyed reading ur list :) Your list of things to do before I die is pretty interesting.And u r so lucky to see all the places while in college itself!!! I've heard about Ladakh....want to go there too :)
neha said…
ok..i am such a fool dint know wat 'u've been tagged' meant!...hehe..but now i know wat exactly i am supposed to do...heehee!!!
neha said…
ohh by the way...i liked the new look of ur blog! ;)
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Homecooked : I want to go back. It truly was a trip of a lifetime. And a place I think everybody should have on their must see list.

@ Neha : Cool. Will look forward to reading your list. Also, i love my new link too. Very dark and bold dont u think?
Mynie said…
This is my second attempt at leaving a comment on this post. Wonder why it didn't work the 1st time.
Anyway, i am aware of all your passions. Reading and basketball, of course - there's no disputing that!
I never knew you wanted a tattoo. So not your personality. Anyway, all the best with that!
One thing that you've missed out from the 8 things i say often - "No men". It defines your vocaulary! Doesn't it? :P
Anyway, i'm really proud of all your ambitions. Hope they all come true. Muah
neha said…
yup pretty bold....really attractive!
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Mynie: Hmmm. Tattoo. Ive always wanted to get one. Since I was in junior college. Why not my personality though? Too wild for me??

And also, Shut up!!! I do not say 'men' that often it slips out at times. :D

And do the damn tag please, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Also and this goes without saying, I hope your ambitions come true too . Bigger and better than you could ever hope for.
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Neha : I know. After experimenting a hell of a lot. Finally a blog that I actually like. Will try it with white the next time around.

Also, do the tag, girl!! Cant wait to see what you come up with.
Tasha said…
Oof! After searching a lot, I found out where exactly you had tagged me!

Even I dint know the meaning of "tagged" earlier. I'll do the tag soon.

Thanks Gentle Whispers! :D

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