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Party Pooper

I am now officially scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas about posts, and this is what it has resulted in.

You have been duly warned however, so read on at your own peril.

You know how it is when your at a party or at a sleepover and it's around four am in the morning and things are starting to quiet down, with people drifting off to sleep.

And you know how there's always one incessantly loud person, who refuses to go sleep, who's batteries haven't wound down yet, the one who annoys the heck outta everybody.

That's me. I'm that loud annoying person.

The later it gets and the sleeper everybody else gets, the more energetic I get. And I refuse to let people go to sleep. Well, unless I'm indulging in some activities of my own, which I refuse to elaborate on considering this is a family blog and being stoned to death is not my idea of the best way to meet my Maker.

Anyway, I want them to do something. Dance, talk, sing. SOMETHING!!

The last party I was at, I got everybody up and we started playing Hide & Seek. (Another story, another post).

Tactics include hiding cell phones and then calling them, thus making said person hunt frantically for phone.

Start singing really badly and really off key or playing thumping heavy metal music.

If the above do not work, then I resort to prying eyelids open, pinching, pulling people up by their hands, tickling, pinching their nose shut thereby making them wake up gasping for breath.

And my personal favourite, poking them in the shoulder continously interspersed with Get Uppppppppppppppppp said in an increasingly high pitch with varying levels of whininess.

However, the resulting strangling does take the edge off some of the fun.

And I wonder why I don't get invited out much.


Ersa said…
hahahha...will try implementing these tactics sometime ;-)
SMM said…
Ughh you'd probably get a whack on the head from me. I'm one of those who start pooping out by about one- one thirty at night :P
Sunshine said…
hehehe...thats hilarious! :P
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Ersa: Go right ahead. It's way fun.

@ SMM: Ahhhh, sou your one of those.

@ Sunshine: Thank you!
Anonymous said…
After reading this post...even I a, wondering why you arent invited more often ;) Seriously I hate anyone trying to keep me awake when all I want to do is crash..though once in a while all night partying is fun :)
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Homecooked: I get that. And I don't do it too enough.

But anyway, don't worry, I still get invited out plenty. :D
Moo said…
LOL. I'm that annoying person too! :D When us friends had gone to Manori, lately, everyone wanted to get back to their own rooms (at about 1 pm!!!). I refused to let anyone get on with their lives. When I went to brush my teeth, however, most of them had scuttled off, the assholes. :(

Nobody loves me.

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