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Tagged Again!

Its raining tags again and I was tagged for this by Homecooked.

1) Last Movie You Saw in a Theatre
One Missed Call

2) What book are you reading?
Black Friday- The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts

3) Favourite Board Game
Game of Life/ Scrabble

4) Favourite Magazine
Reader's Digest, The Economist, Cosmopolitan

5) Favourite Smell
Melting cheese
The smell of a new book or the mustiness of an old one
Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo

6) Favourite Sounds
A basketball being dribbled
The Azaan
My 7 year old cousin's laughter

7) Worst feeling in the world

8) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Why the hell does the bloody alarm clock have to go off so soon?

9) Favourite Fast Food Place
McDonalds. Without a doubt

10) Future Child's Name
I havent really thought about it but I've always liked Ethan

11) Finish this statement- "If I had a lot of money, I'd"
do whatever the hell I wanted to do

12) Do you drive fast?
I dont drive. :(

13) What was your first car?
I don't have a car of my own but the first family car was a Fiat

14) Storms- Cool or Scary?

15) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Never have. Never will.

16) Favourite Drink?
Mangola and Water

17) Finish this statement- "If I had the time, I would"
Play basketball a lot lot more

18) Do you eat the stems with Broccoli

19) If you could dye your hair any other colour, what colour would it be?
Black with copper highlights for me too

20) Name all the different towns/cities you've lived in

21) Favourite Sports to Watch?
Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket.... Anything but Formula One, Golf and Billiards

22) One nice thing about the person who sent this to you
Grounded, Mature and from the looks of it an amazing cook

23) What's under your bed?
Boxes of my books

24) Would you like to be born as yourself again?
Yeah, it wouldn't be too bad

25) Morning Person or Night Owl
Despite my best efforts, I'm a night owl

26) Over Easy or Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up

27) Favourite Place to Relax

28) Favourite Pie?
I'm more of a cake/cookie person

29) Favourite Ice Cream Flavour
Chocolate and Blackcurrent

30) Of all the people you've tagged who's the most likely to respond to this?

I tag

Whiny the Moo
Mynie Moe


Homecooked said…
Hey Lyandra....thats very sweet of you to say such nice things about me...muah :) You know I have 2 friends who have sons and both have named their sons Ethan! And I asked the other one who got a daughter what she would have named incase she got a son...and she said Ethan!!! I agree with you,it sounds really sweet. But I guess if I have a son I cant name him Ethan...too much confusion :)

And God...u read the Economist!You sure are brainy :) By the way how is One missed call. Is it scary?
Gentle Whispers said…
@ Homecooked : Your welcome. I've always had a fascination with the name Ethan ever since Mission Impossible. :D

I love the Economist. Thanks to a professor of mine and now I subscribe to it online. It's brilliant and no, im not brainy. A lot of people I know read it.

One missed call will be scary depending on how much of a "fattu" you are. I'm a big one, so I was pretty terrified. But my friends were laughing throughout it!!!
C R D said…
i see a few things in...
i love to read RD too

hate loneliness(sometimes love it though :P)

i was born and lived in kuwait till age mom says i used to get pissed if anyone talked while the azaan was being sung..i listened veryyyy quietly she says :P

i have a huge list of childrens' names..some folks think thats weird

ive made a new bloggers' community on orkut and id liketo invite u to join..its pretty far 85 members.

join this new blogger community.

atleast have a look

Tasha said…

How were ur exams??? Mine were just k...m reading ur blog after a long, long time. I really missed it! Anyways, m back now and I've started blogging again.

U commented on my blog n said m tagged. Don't laugh, but I really don't know the meaning. Can u explain?

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