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Woman of the house

It's been an interesting sort of week. My mum and dad were both out of town on separate conferences and since my brother is home on leave, it's just been him and me. Surprisingly there hasn't been any bloodshed. An achievement by our standards. My dad

And as my mother told me about a million times before I left, I am the Woman of the house while she isn't here. Whatever that means.

Today however, I'm planning on going for Celebrate Bandra and it should be fun with theatre and dance and art and literature. And if it isn't, well then I'll just make it fun. :D

Also, I have my eye on a new template for the upcoming festive season, but it is a little bit too early, so you can expect a new look to my blog sometime soon. I'm keeping my mind open however and if I come across a better one, I'd be all over it.

P.S: Anyone who points out the utter pointlessness of this post is here forth banned from the blog. You have been warned.


Homecooked said…
Wow...woman of the house! Sounds like you have been bestowed a title :) Please celebrate Bandra on my behalf too!
Mumbai Diva said…
hmmmm...celebrate bandra? i had full plans of enjoying that too, given iam also on notice period so plenty of time on hands and then the virul struck!! but will salvage the situation soon...
you have fun too.
Sunshine said…
woman of the i like that! :)

the day my mom declares me woman of the house will prob b the day the sky turns green! *sigh* she still finds it hard to believe i am living alone & managing my own house & my expenses & my job....gawd!
Mynie said…
I want to celebrate Bandra as well :-(

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